Friday, November 16, 2007

Predicting The Weather

I enjoy reading about folk lore and the habits of the mountain people. While labeled folk lore, most is based on the observations of the inhabitants of the area. One bit of folk lore is predicting the weather by splitting open the seeds of our native, wild persimmons. Inside of the seed, there is always a shape: a knife, a spoon, or a fork! The first time I saw one I was amazed!

If you see a knife, it means a bitter winter, with gusty winds and lots of ice.
A spoon means heavy, wet snows.
A fork (my personal favorite!) means a mild winter with only light snow.
One site I read advised cutting open at least ten seeds to see what the majority showed.

I was going to take a picture of the inside of one of our persimmon seeds. And you know what? Our trees don't have any persimmons this year! I've never seen this happen before. I suspect it has something to do with those late frosts we had last spring.

A man just north of here (I borrowed his picture--above) says that his persimmon seeds have spoons in them, meaning lots of heavy wet snow. I'm interested to see how close those little seeds come to what actually happens.

Hope you are all having a great week before Thanksgiving. Lots has been going on around here and I haven't had as much time for blogging.

Miss all of you,


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Busy Days

Hi everyone! We were out of town for a few days. It was really a gorgeous weekend and beginning to the week. The colors in the trees are really starting to 'pop' in certain areas. It was strange, though~we'd drive for a while and see only green, then all of a sudden it was beautiful multi-colors again. The Sweetgums were especially pretty.

The pictures were taken at a cemetery in the Ozarks that we visit every year about this time. It is planted mostly in Maples and is usually gorgeous. I think we missed it's 'peak' by a few days, as some of the trees were starting to lose their leaves. It is always hard to time our visit just right.

Hope you've had a good beginning to your week. It was cold here--50s all day today. We'll probably warm up again in a day or two.