Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Writing Wednesday & Spring Dreaming

Good morning. Today I am emailing my submission to the Idahope Writers Fiction contest. I've been tweeking for the last week and it's finally ready to go.

I'd also like to say congratulations to my daughter, Laura Briggs~her novella, Only in Novels, was recently been nominated for The Romance Studio's, The Cupid and Psyche award in their Inspirational Romance category.

As for spring~I'm soooo ready for it! But guess I'll have to wait a while. I've been looking at all the spring flower pictures in the February Better Homes & Gardens. I love the Lenten Roses. Do any of you grow them? I'm going to be looking for some plants, soon. I think they would probably bloom here in March, but not sure.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Writing Wednesday

What's in a name? A name for the character in your story, that is. Sometimes, it's just hard to think of a good name for your character. For a little bit of fun, you can try a random name generator, like this one at The Script Vault. These name generators are all over the web, so just google up something like name generator, and you'll find lots of these.

There are also some random title generators. I'm not posting any links because all of them that I found have 'adult' words in them, though none came up when I used them. Some of the titles were fairly amusing.

I am working on a writing schedule, trying to make sure that I write everyday. For now, my goal is at least two hours per day, four or five days per week. I'd like to expand to write at least four hours everyday, but for now, I'm sticking to my new schedule.

Happy writing!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Flea Market Finds!

It wasn't a bonanza day at the flea market with lots and lots of great finds, but I did find two items I really love.

This little Royal Copely cat and book planter was just too cute to pass by. You can see that I still need to clean the dirt out of his book planter. I'm still trying to date him, but can't find the year he was made. I paid $4.50 for it.
And I really love this platter. It was made by the Paden City Pottery Company. The company opened in 1907 in Paden City, WV and closed sometime in the 1950s. This platter is very large--about 11" by 15". I paid $8.00 for the platter. (Do you see a lot of this pottery, Janet? Just wondering, since you are in WV).

It was a fun day out and I'm looking forward to heading back up there soon!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy Friday, everyone! Not much is going on here today. I need to do some grocery shopping and, if I have time, stop in at the flea market.

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Winter Poem


Her icy winds drift and blow

Across gray shadows in the snow

Wild creatures footprints leave their mark

In the white so bold and stark

Defiant, lovely, strong, and bold

Soon winter's beauty will grow old

And leave us with her swift good-bye

As Spring's sweet glories greet our eye

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Writing Wednesday

Thanks to inspiration from Janet over at Writing in a Blackberry Patch, I have decided to combine my writing blog with this one and do my writing posts on Wednesdays. I'll still do an occasional Wednesday Wives Tales, but I don't have a lot of material left for that subject.

For today's Writing Wednesday, I'd like to tell all of you about a writing contest open to unpublished writers. It is sponsored by the Idahope Writers and first prize is a Nook! If you are interested, visit their page (their name is linked) and read the guidelines.

Janet also gave us a writing prompt to find a favorite photograph and write a poem about it. Maybe I'll have it next week~then again, I haven't written a poem in I'll work on it.

Monday, January 10, 2011


We are having our first snow of the winter! It started about 1:30 yesterday and ended early this morning. It's very pretty, but I usually get tired of it after a day or two. Good thing I live in the south, LOL!

For any of you that don't own a Kindle, did you know that you can get a free Kindle application for your computer? You download it from Amazon and then you can purchase Kindle versions of books and also get all of the free books that Amazon offers in their Kindle Store! There are three Gooseberry cookbooks that are available for free! Click Here and get your free Kindle for PC!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and a great start to the new year. I've been busy working around the place and still have a lot to do.

Do you ever read an article and it just makes you sort of sad? If you haven't seen this one: Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know, take a look at it and see how it makes you feel!

Just last weekend I was discussing with family some of the the things that children don't know these days--like how to tell time with a regular clock--especially if it has Roman numerals on it!

I'm starting to feel ancient.