Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Writing Romance

Happy Ground Hog Day, everyone! And Happy February~the month of love! As a romance writer, I'm constantly looking for another idea for love:).

I was going to ask all of you to name the most romantic book you have ever read. But I'm not sure what I would answer, myself. When I was a teenager, I thought that Christy, by Catherine Marshall was the most romantic book ever written. I read it over and over.

I think the first 'romance' to ever touch my life came from the movies. The Tammy movies that Debbie Reynolds starred in. I wanted to be Tammy. I wanted to live on a houseboat and meet a millionaire and all the other things that Tammy did. Even now, when I think back, those were really very sweet, romantic little movies.

Do you remember the first touch of romance in your life? (And is the song Tammy's in Love going 'round and 'round in your head?:)