Thursday, April 29, 2010


As some of you noticed, I've been away from blogging for the past month. I really needed to take a computer break and get a few things done around the home place.

For starters, I painted the kitchen and dining room a soft yellow/white and a gray/green on the trim. Our walls are cordwood and pine boards. I love the look of the boards, but they made the rooms really dark and we are getting to the age when we need a lot of light to see:) Now it is so much brighter in here. I'm thinking about doing the living room, too, but it is 'on hold' for right now, at least until I'm finished with the dining room.

Here are a few pictures of my country/farmhouse kitchen. As you can see, I like lots of 'stuff', LOL!

I decided to leave the ceiling unpainted. The pantry next to the refrigerator has been 'antiqued', but in the picture it just looks like it needs a good bath. So much for my great photography.

I've also been working outside. I planted quite a few tomato plants, some cucumbers (which are not looking too good, and some squash, also not looking good. I'll probably have to start over on those two.

I'm making a new herb bed that is still in progress.

And, I have about six doll bodies made up, but they are not 'decorated' yet, so their identity is still something I have to decide on. I make very grungy, prim dolls. I think that grunging them is my favorite part, LOL!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Wives Tales~Quilting

Quilting is a fun hobby today, but most women live their lives without ever trying their had at this old-fashioned art. In the days when women's lives revolved around their homes, quilting was as an important part of their lives as learning to cook, garden, and bake bread. We've all heard of the old fashioned quilting bees, and similar groups still meet today. I thought a few superstitions about quilts would be fun.

1. If a young woman 'shakes' a quilt out the front door of the cabin, the next single man to enter through that door will be her groom.

2. If a young girl completed a patchwork quilt without help from anyone else, she would never marry.

3. If a single woman is first to sleep under a new made quilt, she will dream of her future husband.

4. If you begin a quilt on a Friday, you will never live to finish it.

5. Never quilt figures of humans on a quilt or they will 'walk and visit you at night'.

6. Hearts are unlucky on quilts unless the quilt is for a bride.

7. The name for the 'Wandering Foot' quilt pattern was changed to 'Turkey Tracks' due to the belief that any male that slept beneath the quilt would wander from home and lead a worthless life.

Do you know any old wives tales related to quilting?