Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to all of you! Not much has gone on around the cabin this week. We have had mostly rainy weather. The cooler temperatures have been a nice break for us in this hot month of August.

I used to be disappointed when we had these long stretches of rain, but I'm liking them more and more. It is good for the plants and, I think, good for us to have a break in our usual routine. Of course, I'm not talking about the kind of rain they're having down in Louisiana. I've sure been keeping those folks in my prayers!

I would like to say that my garden is loving all of this rain, but I'm afraid that the hot temperatures in July pretty much burned up most of my garden. I do still have a few squash and a pumpkin or two coming on. 

What about your garden? Did it do well this year? Did you have enough produce to can? I haven't canned tomatoes in two years, now. I'm really hoping for a better gardening year next year!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Snow in the Forecast!

OK, no snow for us. At least, not yet. But, when I opened our kitchen curtains this morning, I could see that we had our first heavy fog in the month of August. The old-timers all say that for every fog in August, there will be a heavy snowfall in the winter to come. Well, I have to say that with all the heat and humidity we've had this summer, a heavy snowfall sounds good to me!

There are a few other old sayings about fog, as well. For instance, if a fog seems to disappear, by descending into the ground, you can expect several days of warm, sunny days. And if a fog comes up fast, it is a sure sign of rain.

I usually mark each day of August fog on my calendar and then go back and check it during the winter. I've found it's a pretty accurate way to forecast snow. They aren't always 'heavy' but it is usually accurate to how many snowfalls we have.

Keep counting those foggy mornings!