Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Making Muscadine Jam

Happy fall, everyone! I know, it has been here a few weeks, but I haven't posted since then! I hope all of you are having a good start to this beautiful season. It is still hot here, in the hills of Arkansas, but I'm hoping it will be cooling down some by next week. We are starting to have a little bit of color in the trees, but are still several weeks away from anything really pretty.

I have been making jam the past couple of weeks. I made two batches of muscadine, and one of plum. I had some of the plums leftover, so I'm planning on buying a few more pounds and making another recipe of them. The recipe I use, makes up 10-12 cups every time I make it. It is a real toss-up around our house as to which we like best--muscadine, or plum.

Not much else is going on around the cabin, right now. We have been getting in some firewood, which is a lot of work, but well worth it, come cold weather. 

The garden is about gone, except for one tomato plant. We have a few 'volunteer' pumpkins that are just about orange. They were a nice surprise, as we had no pumpkins from the plants we actually planted.

Have a nice day!