Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Heat

I hope all of you are cooler than we are~or at least have less humidity! It has been miserable to be outside lately. We could also use a little bit more sunshine to get things growing. My poor tomato plants look stunted and all my basil I planted looks to be the same size as last week--just peeking out of the dirt.

The hot, humid weather seems to be good for the chicks. Aren't they cute? They are growing well and are anxious to get outside of the hen house. One day this week we may let them out into the run that is attached to the house. That should satisfy them for a while.

Lucy hatched one chick yesterday, and as of this morning, that is still all she has hatched. I'm afraid the little thing may be an only child.

Susan is setting now, so we are hoping that she has more success than Lucy!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

Good afternoon,

I hope you all had a good week and are enjoying your weekend. This week was so busy it just flew by for me, so I'm enjoying a slow day today.

This little sweetie is Pumpkin. My husband found her on the side of the road about three weeks ago. I don't know how long she had been on her own, but she was in terrible condition. All her hair was falling out in clumps and she was so starved that she could barely walk.

She has come a long way since then, but still has a lot of healing to do. Her hair has all grown back and is shiny and soft. She is just now starting to be a little affectionate with us and want some attention.

I'll try to share some more pictures of our chicks with you next week.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy Week

I'm working at VBS this week teaching the teenage class. It is quite a challenge to keep their attention most of the time!

Our annual VBS always brings back pleasant memories of my childhood Vacation Bible Schools. I looked forward to it every summer. The days of flannel boards are a thing of the past and we are on to more 'exciting' programs, but secretly, I still miss the old days. I guess kids today just need a little bit more activity to keep their attention.

Even the snacks have changed. At my childhood VBS it was always the same--a cup of kool-aid and two cookies--usually oatmeal and lemon. Now, in keeping with our current cowboy theme, we have 'fried rattlesnake', cactus punch, etc.

Did you attend VBS as a child? How do you compare it to the VBS programs you see today? I'm not complaining, I just can't help but compare the differences between then and now. And, I wonder if the kids really enjoy it more than we did back when it was a little bit 'plainer'.

Have a great day!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Rainy Summer Day

It is a rainy, humid day here at the cabin. I'm sure all our plants are enjoying this nice bit of wetness, but it makes for a dull view out of doors! We are expecting some storms, possibly severe, later today, but for now everything is calm.

The little chicks are growing nicely and we should be getting another batch sometime next week. They are so sweet. One of them got lost from it's mother a few days ago, and found a nice warm spot on Lucy's back. Lucy, setting a short way away from them is pretty much 'zoned out' and I don't think she even realized that it was perched on her, nestling down in her feathers!

Saturday, June 14 is Flag Day, so I think I'll take this rainy opportunity and gather up some of my patriotic decorations. I leave some red, white, and blue up all year, but I especially love having it out in the summer. Guess I'd better get busy!

Have a wonderful day!