Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Morning!

It is a cloudy Thursday around here. Right now I am liking this wintry look, but I'm sure I will soon tire of it. I like lots of sunshine and much warmer temperatures than our high today~42 degrees. I know to some of you, that sounds warm!

How many of you braved the crowds and went shopping yesterday? Not me. I try never to leave the house the day after Christmas. It is just too scary out there:).

We got a little bit of wintry mix yesterday. Nothing to cause any problems on the roads and it was pretty to look at while it lasted. The above picture was taken soon after it started. I was too lazy to get out the camera and take more pictures after it was prettier.

Hope you all have a great day!



  1. Hello, fellow Arkie! Glad to see another Arkansan here in blogworld!
    Hope you have a safe, happy and prosperous new year! Please stop by and visit me at!

  2. What a pretty picture...I am missing the sunshine now, too. I'm not much of a shopper to begin with, so I stay snug at home as much as possible while I'm off!

  3. I stayed home and did not shop, its that whole budget thing!! I like the cool air now as well but I need to do do some yard work today so I hope it's not TOO cold.
    Have a wonderful day

  4. Hi RM,
    Nice to see you about again, you have been pretty busy of late with the moving and all. Are you rested up now?
    Had a nice , well very nice, Christmas with the big kids and little kids. I made a big pot of ham soup this morning, that should do us for a few days. I usually give out bowls to the kids too.
    Weather is off and on, cold and snow one day, and rain and clouds the next.
    Nancy Jo

  5. Sunshine? What is that-tee hee. Anyway-No I did not brave the day after Christmas shopping. I worked and then we ate out.

    Will go home to a warm fireplace and then Rick will have to work on the internet to find out what is wrong with my connection.

    Take care,