Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Afternoon

Hello friends! It's a beautiful day here in the mountains, if you can take the heat! I went for a ride with hubby earlier today and took the picture above. As you can see, the mountains are especially pretty with that lovely blue haze they get~a lot like the Blue Ridge and Smokies.

Edmona and Lucy are both laying eggs again. The large brown one is from a neighbor. The little ones are a very pretty green, but the color doesn't show up well in the photograph.

We've been busy getting our front porch framed and the decking will be going on soon. About time, after living in the house seven years! Seems we are always behind on projects. But we'll get there eventually.

Everybody keep cool!



  1. Oh, Rosemary!
    Those mountains are beautiful! And don't you just love going for a ride with your sweetie?!?! I'll bet it made those mountains even sweeter!

    Those eggs are almost too pretty to eat! I could tell that the eggs are green; in the picture, they look a light, mint green. Is that right? They're beautiful either way! When we get hens, I want them to lay colored eggs, too. the green and blue, especially. You'll have to tell me what kind to look for (and how to raise them, 'cause I'm starting from scratch -- my parents never raised any animals.)

    Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I really feel better, already. Just knowing that you're praying for me, gives me more peace. Truly, it does! Thank you, thank you!


  2. What a beautiful picture of the mountains - I do love that view. My brother sometimes brings me eggs from his hens. It's amazing how good they taste! Blessings, marlene

  3. That picture of the mountians is beautiful and it does look like the Smokies, which are very smoky right now from the temps and high humidity.
    My dh has been getting eggs from someone he works with and sometimes there will be several colors in container.
    Patty H.

  4. Beautiful picture of the mountains, Rose Mary! It looks like where I'm from!
    Glad to hear Edmona and Lucy are back in the swing of things!

  5. RM,
    Great picture. And I sure would like some fresh eggs. Tell Lucy to come on over.

  6. The mountains are so pretty! Looks like your farm life is going great this summer!

  7. The mountains are my favorite place in the world. I was born in the Appalachians and when I am there, its like they fill me with life. Your view is gorgeous.

    Every time I visit my mom & dad, I have to drive Cades Cove. I get out at every cabin and view. Sigh. I need that right now.

    Love those chicken eggs! Mmmm ~ nothing like a fresh egg.


  8. Yes, nothing compares to a pretty mountain shot and Arkansas has many! And I know, too many projects, so little time! Hope you have a cool week! :)

  9. Rosemary, I just can't imagine having such beauty to look at each day. They are grand!!! Have a great day. connie from Texas