Tuesday, December 16, 2008


If you are like me, you don't really need any gifts this Christmas. Nevertheless, I will be giving, as well as receiving gifts this year. But we are really cutting back on our spending. I am making several gifts and they are very inexpensive to make. They are fun to make, and I hope they will be useful to the people that receive them.

When I receive a handmade gift, it always means so much to me. I think of all the work that went into the gift, no matter how simple or elaborate. In those cases, it really is the thought that counts, because they were thinking of me while they were making it!

Of course, the best gift of all has already been given to us many years ago--the main reason why we celebrate at this time of year!

Are you making many gifts this year?



  1. I have made probably 75% of my gifts this year. From big fluffy pillows for grandkids, to empty books, to a braided rug. Have had fun doing it. I am all done and doing baking this week.

  2. I don't have enough time to make as many gifts as I'd like...but the main gift for our kids this year is a doorway puppet theater and puppets -- I made the curtains for the theater. Can't wait to see them when they open it Christmas morning!

  3. Yes, I have been making things for Christmas: washcloths for the grandkids, dishcloths for the adults, soup mixes and cornbread mixes for families, paintings I have done for each of my son's or their wives. It has been fun!

  4. I love making my presents! And I think it is a tradition that is coming back in style again. A lot more people who normally wouldn't, are making presents nowadays it seems. I'm all for it, matter of fact, that's what I've been working on for the past couple of days. :) And no I can't say what I'm doing or it wouldn't be a surprise for y'all. lol

    Aunt DebJo

  5. I think handmade gifts are the best too, Rose Mary... I love getting and giving those.

    I have a large family, so I try to think up something for the women and the men, too... This year the men are getting packs of homemade deer jerkey and the women are getting handmade potholders and soup mix in a jar! (Shhh-don't tell! LOL)

  6. yes I am making some of my gifts...mainly crocheted items...

  7. I love making and receiving hand made gifts too! I had a little teddy bear poem in one of my quotes books for a while and this year I made handmade teddy bears for my children holding this little poem. I'm looking forward to seeing the look on my 6foot 19 year old son when he opens his :-)

  8. I always make a large part of my gifts-to help with finances. Like you this year we have cut back on the gift giving spending.

  9. RoseMary, I am sure that any gift that you make will be very much appreciated. I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. love you, connie

  10. Oh, Rosemary!
    You are just so right -- about EVERYthing you said!
    That's such a special way of thinking about it -- about when someone is making you a homemade gift, they're thinking of you the whole time! That's so true but seeing it written out makes it seem even more so!
    And, again, you're right about the best gift!
    Many Blessings and Merry CHRISTmas!

  11. We cut back and only sent out two gifts this year.
    Hope your family has a Merry Christmas!

  12. Hi Rose Mary ,I have made three quillows,one for my sister ,one for my daughter and a third for my Granddaughter ,and a cardigan for my other daughter , I will be putting pictures on my blog after Christmas ,dont want to spoil the surprise ,as they all read my blog ..love Jan xx

  13. It's nice to see so many of you being creative~pillows, puppet theaters, dishcloths, pot holders, food mixes, etc! I love to make things all year and I especially enjoy making Christmas gifts and decorations.

    I'll look forward to seeing your creations after Christmas!

  14. Merry Christmas!

    Look who's back in Blogland with a blog that fits where she now is!
    Please stop by if you get a chance.

    You will find me at "In Search Of."


  15. I agree that handmade gifts are extra special. Things like the return to handmade gifts are one of the bright sides of the economic downturn. PS - I just discovered you blog and have enjoyed looking around. I'll be back!