Friday, March 20, 2009


It's official--spring is here!!

We are expecting a warm, beautiful weekend, so I'm hoping to get our garden beds together. There may be bad storms Monday and Tuesday, so we'll probably hold off on planting until after that.

I found this great image of a Victory Garden poster on Wiki. I love anything WWII history, and I think all the old Victory Garden posters are especially appropriate for us today.
This will be our first year of square foot gardening, so I am anxious to get started.

Happy spring!


  1. Happy Spring to you as well. It has been the perfect spring day here.
    The little chickies are so cute. I love to hold them close tomy ear and hearing them peep peep.

  2. Today (Sunday) was a beautiful Spring day and thanks to my grandson I spent the afternoon outside. Dread the storms, but they make us appreciate the bright days better. Happy

  3. Happy Spring over there. Hope your having nice weather? Ours was nice but turned cold again, bummer. Enjoy your week.

  4. We have our raised beds up and ready to fill, can't wait! Love the Victory Garden posters and the chicks are too cute! Happy Spring!

  5. Love the Victory Garden poster-so fitting for this year too. I've noticed gardens in places I've never seen them before-seems more folks are planting this year.

  6. I'm planning my "victory" garden this year. It's been a while since we've made a garden. I'm looking forward to all the fresh veggies!

  7. Hi, I've missed you! Im having a Donations Giveaway over at my blog. Please tell your friends! Blessings, Mikki Jo

  8. I love those victory garden posters!
    I hope you've got your garden going, Rose Mary- it's been too wet and rainy here to start ours! (Shucks)

  9. Yes, Spring is here!!! It makes me so happy. I love Springtime.

    I pray your garden does good. And you have a good harvest. connie