Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello Everyone

I hope you've all been having a wonderful spring. We've been busy with our garden. I've also had jury duty~which I'm almost through with! And, I've had ALLERGIES! I think this is the worst year I've had with them in a while. I've finally got some medicine that seems to be working. I hope none of you are suffering with them.
Strawberries in a 2x4 bed. I hope to have another one this size if I don't run out of time.

Peppers and a few tomato plants in a 4x4 box.
I also have a 1x8 foot box with six tomato plants in it. I have lettuce, green onions, and carrots planted in other boxes.
We have wire fencing around them temporarily to keep out the cats, dogs, chickens, and rabbits. I think we may be able to keep them on all the time, which will save on losing our produce to the wild kingdom, we hope.

Happy gardening,



  1. Looks like you've got a good start to your gardens. Hope the critters don't bother them. We're a little behind,we just got around to planting our red potatoes today. All the seed potatoes were sold out at the feed stores, so we used our old potatoes left over from last year. We got 8 rows planted.We'll have to wait till chance of frost is gone to plant our tomatoes.

  2. Nice to hear from you , your beds look awesome! Have a great day:)

  3. Hey you! Glad you are back! Sounds and looks like you have been really busy. Your garden beds are nice. My son has some like that in his backyard this year.

  4. Your ahead of us, we finally got a load of top soil delivered only to have it rain so now we gotta wait for it to dry out, plus I've had allergies real bad this spring too, just turned into a sinus infection. I'm hoping the meds kick in and the rain goes away so I can get out and play! lol Are you going to the Baker Creek Seed Festival this weekend? We are.

  5. Your garden is looking good, you have to keep the varmits away too? The allergies, my husband & son fight through this time of year, also.

  6. Hi Rose Mary
    You have been busy! Your garden is looking wonderful and you will have quite a lovely crop. You've planted my favourites :-) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  7. I was starting to worrie about you. Hope all is ok over there. We are making a slow healing with hubby. Men and Ladders do not mix. Have a nice weekend.

  8. Your gardens look great! It's been raining here. We had those 90 degree temps, then it started raining. The sun was out yesterday. That was nice. There is more mulching to do, here. No garden nowadays, though. Miss it.

    I have had allergies, too. I was given a prescription with a couple of refills, in February, so I've been taking that. It's such a gorgeous time of the year. Those allergies aren't any fun though!

    Have a great week, Rose Mary!

  9. Your raised beds look wonderful Rose Mary!
    I need to buy some of that short wire fencing like that, too... the minute I turn out the hens, they head straight for my tomato plants! *AAARGHHH*