Sunday, May 10, 2009


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!! I hope all of you have enjoyed your special day.

I was reading about the history of Mother's Day and was surprised to read that wearing carnations is a of Mother's Day tradition. When I was growing up, we always wore roses on our Sunday dress. A red rose if your mother was living, white if she had passed away.

I've noticed the last few years that no one wears roses or any flowers anymore. Is it the same where you live?


  1. I agree with you Mary - roses were always worn on Mother's Day. But I don't see that any more except rarely. I sure hope we get some good weather soon! blessings, marlene

  2. Carnations were the flowers Granddad gave to Granny and my mother and aunt, for Mother's those colors. We had carnation corsages for Easter, when I was in Jr High and HS. I love the smell of carnations. I don't believe they smell the same nowadays. I pressed mine in my Bible.

  3. I still wear a flower, Rose Mary- it was a tradition at our church when I was growing up, but sadly, I don't see very many younger women or girls wearing them.
    I think it's sad when traditions like that fade away...

  4. Rose Mary,
    When I grew up, everyone wore roses to church on Mother's Day. Red roses if Moms were still alive, and white if Moms were deceased. Here in western North Carolina, people don't wear roses much on Mother's Day, but they do hand out roses to the mothers at church.
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  5. Hi Rosemary! I've never heard of that tradition but I like it, we seem to grow away from honored traditions and I find that sad.

  6. I hope your Mother's Day was extra special : )

  7. I don't see flowers for Mother's Day anymore either, but always LOVED to pin my red rose on for church that day. It was fun going to mama's rose bush and trying to find the prettiest rose there. We should bring back that tradition.

  8. It was carnations when I was growing up. Our church gave mother's a white carnation if their mother was deceased and a red one if she was still living. And our church used to give a hanging basket to the oldest mother, youngest mother and the mother with the most kids.

  9. Hope that you had a most blessed, happy Mother's Day, Miss Rose Mary!

    Nope, no one seems to wear flowers, here, anymore...

    Many Blessings,