Monday, June 27, 2011


Good morning. I hope that all of you had a great weekend. It is another hot day here. We are under heat warnings this week, so I'll probably be staying indoors a lot.

I've started pulling out more of my patriotic decorations. I keep red, white, and blue in my dining room all year, but I have some extras for the Fourth of July and the rest of the summer.

I keep the garland (above) out all year. It is really a Christmas garland with angels and stars, but I like it a lot, so I try to make it 'fit' the season that is current. I gave the angels these little toothpick flags to hold for the Independence Day. I also looped the red, shiny garland around the curtain rod. It is also a Christmas decoration, but since it is red stars, I think it's also perfect for the Fourth!

The dolls, below, were put out by Hallmark in 1979. Two are Molly Pitcher dolls and the other one is a Susan B. Anthony doll. I thought they looked cute in the pitcher with the flags.

I may pull out some of my craft supplies and make some new decorations to add to my collection. I figure it's one fun way to 'beat the heat':).

Happy decorating~and stay cool!


  1. Mary I love the angels holding the flags! I put out a few patriotic decorations before I left home because my kids will be there to enjoy them. blessings, marlene

  2. UGH, I don't like the heat:( stay cool! love your stars & stripes (and angels;) very nice!

  3. Nice decorations! This year will be a little different on the Fourth of July since the place I have celebrated the past couple year burned down earlier this year. They are working on rebuilding so hopefully they be back next year. I am still planning things for the holiday.

  4. Warming up here too, super hot by Saturday, figures! Stay cool!

  5. Hi RM.
    I like those little Hallmark Dolls. I have never seen them. I know now to pick them up when I do.
    You have a lot of cute 4th of July things. Hot and rain here.
    Nancy Jo

  6. Love your patriotic decorations. My bedroom is red and patriotic and we always fly our flag high on the pole outside in the yard.

  7. Hot here too :) Love the decorations!