Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Afternoon

Our weather has felt 'summery' today. We reached the high 80s and will go into the 90s the next few days! I love the fact that it's so warm, but not quite warm enough to turn on the a/c.

Okay, some of you turn it on when it reaches 90 or even before, I know:). But for me, it has to be closer to 95 degrees before I close up the house.

I finally got some of my plants put out in containers. We have tomatoes and peppers, right now, and I plan on cucumbers and squash as well. I also replanted my chives. I know that they are known as an 'aggressive' grower, but my oregano managed to kill out all of mine--so I'm starting over.

I'm also trying to get a weed-free place ready for some of my containers with flowers in them. I'm going to do some heavy mulching, and use some other type of weed block. I have come to the conclusion that the less mowing the better. We have 4-5 hours worth of mowing when we do the whole place, and that doesn't include weed eating.

Have a great week!



  1. Our AC is always ready to come on all year long. We live where it gets very humid at times and I would rather be cold or hot than wet and

    It looks like you are going to be very busy but have a lot of fruit for your efforts. connie from Texas

  2. Hi Rose Mary, We've had only a couple of warm days so far, most are still spring-like and cooler. I hope it continues for a while. Drop by and join in my giveaway. xoxo

  3. Sounds like you have a busy summer coming up, Rose Mary!
    I also have a lot of mowing to do... I start early when I mow because it takes all day. I'm usually weed-eating late into the evening. I love to mow and work in the yard, though!

  4. Hi Rose Mary. Glad to hear you have just been busy with work/play outdoors. Soon, ti will be too hot to work outside all day for me. So I am making the most of these days as I can.

  5. Oh wow! You wait until it's 95?
    I wish that we could do that -- but it's just tooooooooo humid down here! It hurts to breathe, somedays. Yesterday and today have been the worst, so far, this year.
    I soooooooo dislike summer (and it's not even here, yet!)

    I just love cucumbers -- not so much on the squash (my mother cooked it until it looked -- and chewed -- like phlegm! Ick!)
    Zucchini is delicious, grilled, though!

    Let us see your harvest, when it comes in!