Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter Reading

Winter is my favorite time of year to read. There is not much to do outside on most days and the house is usually dark and cosy with a nice fire in the wood stove~a perfect set up for an afternoon of reading!
This book, The Gentle Tamers, by Dee Brown, has been very interesting. I love to read about American women's contribution to settling our country. This book is a little different than the usual ones I read. My favorite are letters or diaries, which I find very insightful to the women's way of life, but this book reads more like a biography of various women. It switches between homesteading, pioneer type women and business women, some respectable, some not.

I have a few others in my 'stack to read', so I may be blogging about a few more.

So, what are you reading this winter?


  1. I have an ongoing list of books I want to read and I've added this to my list. :) I'm reading The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw - should have read it years ago but didn't. blessings, marlene

  2. Ilove Patricia Cornwall ,and I am reading her ''Book of the Dead '' at the moment Jan xx

  3. Hi Rosmary, this is Terri. It has been so long since I REALLY updated my blog. I just don't have the time--but I do check FaceBook now and then and found some long lost relatives. If you are interested - look me up under Terri Williamson Young.
    Take care

  4. I can't get into novels but give me a good cookbook, gardening, or craft book and I'm content! Thanks for your prayers, they mean alot!

  5. I just finished reading Hope Rising by Kim Meeder. Its short little stories about rescued horses and rescued children and how they have rescued each other. I am giving it away on my blog. Until next Thursday. I will draw Friday morning. Love your blog.

  6. Sounds like a good book-I read anything I can get my hands on :)

  7. That sounds like a great book, my kind of read. Right now I am actually reading Roots by Alex Haley. It was supposed to be my "summer, under the apple tree" read, but I ended up with a full time job!!!

  8. Do you ever want to nap while you're reading those books in your cozy, firelit cabin?
    I agree with you so much about this being perfect reading weather!
    That firelight, the chill in the air, a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, and the lamplight always, always, AlWAYS get to me!
    I love the kinds of books, you're describing, too. I think today's blogs are yesteryears diaries -- but without the romance of being handwritten. I love handwriting!
    I hope your book turns out great!!!

  9. I've been reading "the Shepherd's Trilogy" Rose Mary, but I recieved my Burpee seed catalog in the mail last week, and I've been "reading" it ever since! LOL
    Can't wait til spring!!

  10. Hi Rose Mary. I just finished the Christmas Sweater by Glenn beck.

    I wanted to tell you I have not forgotten your package, I am just tardy getting them mailed. Hopefully this week though.

    Love, Dana

  11. That sounds like a lovely book choice. I'm reading "Hidden In Plain View" ~ a story of quilts and the hidden messages in them that helped enslaved Africans escape to freedom. Very interesting.