Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Afternoon

I guess it is about time I return to my blog! I've been busy with so many projects that are all about half finished. The closet is finally arranged as well as possible, but I have decided not to take the door off. I would love to have it off--it would look better-but, that closet is our only 'tornado' shelter when it storms, so I guess it will have to stay.

Our electricity was off and on, off and on all day yesterday, until last night when it finally went out around 9:30 or so. It came back on about 8 o'clock this morning, and we are very thankful for it! We only caught the bottom edge of the terrible ice storm that is moving across this part of the country, but north of us, it is bad. Some people will not have their electricity for days and days.

I want to say a great big thank you to Dana. She was having a big giveaway on her blog and my box of treasures (above) arrived on Saturday. As you can see, she is a very talented artist! She is also a writer, gardener, and blogger, so be sure and visit her! And by the way, Dana, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone up in northwest Arkansas. There is a big job ahead to get it cleaned up and it will be years before it completely recovers.


  1. Northwest Arkansas is bad!! We have no power and poles down everywhere. At least we have a generator. Some people are not so fortunate. They have power crews here from LA, TX, and AR.

  2. Brrr to your ice picture! Congrats on winning such a nice box of surprises. I think the entire north needs to come south for a vacation. We had 82 degrees here yesterday.

  3. Glad your done doing that closet. Hope you did not get hit to hard with the ice storm. Sue got hit too, have not heard from her, hope shes ok. I am going out there in April, maybe Sue can take me to see you? would love to vist. Have a nice weekend.

  4. We were lucky, too. We only got a little ice to add to our snow. It's been a snowy and cold winter. Like your picture.

  5. Oh my that ice storm pic looks very scarey... Snow is one thing, but ice is another---electric always seems to go out!

  6. We've been through several ice storms in the past; they are awful. They make for some beautiful pictures though.

    Stay warm!


  7. Hi RoseMary
    Your giveaway parcel is wonderful! We're in the middle of another snow storm too - thankfully no ice though. Keep Warm.

  8. Beautiful picture, Rose Mary... but looks very cold! BRRRR
    Love all your wonderful treasures- and you're right, she is very talented!

  9. You definately need to have that shelter. Thats so important. glad you kept that door on.