Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dog Days

The heat is returning~we are on our way back to the dog days of summer. Even so, the brief cool spell was greatly appreciated.

I'm still fighting blossom end rot on some of my tomato plants. I've added lime and even powdered milk (a suggestion on a gardening site), but they've still got it. Have any of you ever cured your tomatoes of this problem?

I'm sorry that it's almost time to cut back my petunias. I always do it on July 5. It keeps them blooming until the first frost, but I always dread doing it. They are one of my favorites, and I miss them the two weeks or so they take to start blooming again. I also need to cut back my Bee Balm, so I'll get another blooming period out of them.
So, how is your garden growing?


  1. Hi Rosemary! What a beautiful miss Jackie there on the porch, she looks so noble and pretty there:) My garden is doing OK...not real good, not real bad. My strawberries are done, beans are growing and tomatoes have blossoms:)

  2. Sadly some of my tomatoes are having the bottom end rot too. Funny how one will and the one right next to it won't. Hope you figure out what to do-and tell me :)

  3. Well Mary, my petunias died. As did my tomatoes and squash. Well I still have some tomatoes in pots but not in the ground. I've had better years with the plants! blessings, marlene

  4. Miss Jackie is all grown up! Do you have your toms mulched? I've never had a problem with mine and we mulch every year with straw? GOod luck!

  5. Love the picture of the dog next to your cordwood cabin. My garden has all but dried up. My tomatoes look pitiful.... getting dark on the bottom before they turn red. I did get some very good corn from the garden though.

  6. Our tomatoes did terrible this year, Rose Mary! Too much rain and not enough sun right after we planted stunted everything else. Hope you're staying cool!