Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Good morning, everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and a nice start to your week. We took off for Branson for the weekend. Sort of a spur of the moment thing~something we are not known for, LOL!

The weather was beautiful and the drive up and back was absolutely perfect! We went to flea markets, craft malls, and enjoyed eating out a couple of times. I saw a lot of neat ideas at the craft malls, as well as bought a few vintage items that I'll post on here when I get the chance to download the pictures from my camera.

It is cold outside this morning~46 degrees! Perfect fall weather.

Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like you had a very nice weekend. It's very cool here, also. Fall has arrived!

  2. Sounds like fun, can't wait to see your treasures:)

  3. It sounds like a great time!

    I'm sitting here shivering today!!

  4. yes was cool here this morning too. I was very happy for my blanket I added to my bed last night...

    A trip to Branson sounds nice, I have been needing to get away.

  5. Good for you, it's always nice to just up and go, turns out to be the best little trips!

  6. It's chili here today too.... hmmm... a pot of chili sounds great for this week!

  7. It sounds like you had a nice trip. Glad you got away and so close to Sue. Enjoy the cooler weather. I too dont do well with the cold, I guess thats why I live in the desert.

  8. What a delightful weekend you had!
    All the kinds of things I love to do too!
    I remember Branson, Mo. well. Even have a group picture,including my kids when they were wee little ones, in the cave at Silver Dollar City--(Is it still called that?) The last time I was there was about 14 years ago. We stopped overnight on our way to Colorado and had a wonderful, memorable time! My girls were 17 and 19 then-they still talk about it to this day!
    I remember Fall being very beautiful in your part of the country too, Rose Mary!
    A little warmer, a little longer though!
    So happy to hear from you!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  9. Awww I'm jealous so glad you had so much fun were the leaves turning yet?