Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Wives Tales~Hiccups

I think everyone must know at least one 'cure' for hiccups. In my research, I've come across many that I've never heard of and most are quite interesting.

One way is to run around the house seven times without taking a breath. I assume that depends on the size of one's house.

You can also stand on one leg and say "Hick-up, stick-up, lick-up, hick-up," three times without stopping to take a breath.

Or, you can touch back of the neck of the 'hiccup-er' with a rabbits foot~when he/she is least expecting it.

How about naming three kernels of corn for three friends, then putting the corn in a container of water and suspending it over your head? I wonder how long you have to leave it up there?

This was one of my favorites: Stick you fingers in your ears and have a person of the opposite sex pour nine cups of rainwater down your throat!

I personally try to hold my breath and count to 60. That usually works for me. As does trying to drink an entire glass of water without stopping.

Being scared unexpectedly has cured them, too, though it usually involved someone shouting all of a sudden or slamming a door unexpectedly. I've never had the rabbit foot rubbed on my neck!
How do you cure your hiccups?
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  1. I have a sure cure for hiccups. Suck your breath in as deep as you can and then suck it in one last time. Hold it for as long as possible and then release it. This should get rid of them every time. I had a friend who had hiccups for two days and couldn't get rid of them no matter what he did. I told him about this remedy and they were gone as soon as he did it. Thanks for the fun post!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  2. I have always heard of holding your breath too. Or being scared by someone. Thankfully, I don't get hiccups too often.

  3. Thank goodness I don't get them too much, but I usually hold my breath or drink something. Drinking a soft drink too fast gives me the hiccups sometimes, so I need to slow down!

  4. I love these type posts that you and Tipper are doing. It is truly hard to believe some people might have used some of them...LOL!

    My husband usually scares them out of me...teehee!

  5. holding your breath while you drink water..or a teaspoon full of sugar (gags) also being scared by someone. My big dog gets hiccups all the time, we scare her..and it usually works...

  6. If I have hiccups-I always have them again sometime during the day. I've never had them just once in day-one time I had them 5 different times!

    One time I was on a date-and the boy had to stop at a store and get me a packet of sugar-to try and stop the hiccups- but it didn't work. Wow I haven't thought about that date or boy in years.

    Neat post!!

  7. It seems like a lot of the 'cures' involve holding your breath, as well as being scared by something or someone.

    I've heard of swallowing the sugar~but I've never tried it, don't think I could do it.

    Tipper, I've never had them twice in one day, but when I do have them, I'll always have them again the next day.

  8. I don't have them very often but holding the breath works the best, however, usually they just have to go away. Thanks for the funny ideas.

  9. I think running around the house 7 times while holding my breath would definitely cure me! I'd pass out from all that running...and THEN the hiccups would be gone! LOL! ~~Annie

  10. I've heard drinking water upside down cures them, but that would be too hard and wet! LOL

  11. Rose Mary, I am enjoying these Wednesday Wives Tales so much!!

  12. A glass of water always does the trick for me Mary but I've also heard that breathing in a paper sack will do it. blessings, marlene

  13. How funny! The Andy Griffith episode where Barney gets the hiccups was just on a couple of days ago and it always cracks me up... some of these rememdies do, too!