Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Wives Tales~Christmas

I thought that a few old Christmas superstition/folk beliefs might be fun for this week.

1. The child that is born on Christmas Day will always have good luck.

2. To have good health in the coming year, you must eat an apple on Christmas Eve.

3. Bread that is made on Christmas Eve will never grow mold. (I'm wondering if this is when Wonder Bread makes all of theirs, LOL! Wonder Bread is known never to mold in kid's science experiments).

4. Failing to decorate a Christmas tree will cause spring never to come.

5. The first person to open the front door on Christmas Day will have good luck all year. (I guess that here is where you can make up for not being born on Christmas Day!)

6. favorite that I found: No work of any kind may be done on Christmas day if you want to have a lucky year.

Do you know any Christmas/folk superstitions?


  1. Hi Rose Mary!
    These Tales sure brought a smile to my face this morning!
    I loved your post on the little decorated Christmas tree!
    It also gave me idea to decorate a little tree on the edge of our property! I think it might bring a little cheer to those driving by.
    It's heartwarming to hear how this dear man's grieving is at the same time bringing a little joy to others hearts at Christmas!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!
    With love from the Cabin,
    Claudia O.

  2. I have heard of #1, but not any of the others, and I think you have to at least name them a Christmasy name, don't, Noelle, Clarence or Grinch even...LOL...LOL!

    As for myself, I think if I don't make a fruit salad for Christmas Morning Breakfast, all will go wonky...LOL!

  3. Never heard those either... but I like the "not working" part. However, I will be working this year. :o(

  4. I've never heard that about wonder bread, I'll have to get some because our bread usually lays around till it's moldy, lol!!!I don't have any to add, but my mom always opened the door at midnight on New Years' eve to let the "new Year" in!

  5. Loved the picture you used with this post... I've added a couple more that I've heard.. bad luck...

    Can not wash bed sheets between Christmases (Dec.25 to Jan.6) someone will die.

    Warm Christmas = Full Graveyard (that might not be exactly the way its said.. but that's the meaning.)

  6. I loved these, very interesting and fun.

  7. You know, I don't think I've heard of any of these. When I was growing up it was bad luck to take the Christmas tree down before New Years Day.

  8. These were all wonderful, Rose Mary!
    Have you ever heard of "Old Christmas"? I read about it once a long time ago and asked my Grandmother about it and she said it was true... apparently Old Christmas was celebrated sometime in January- I don't know if it was before Dec. 25 was declared the actual day or not... anyway- she said that on Old Christmas, all the animals would bow down on their front legs at midnight in honor of the Baby Jesus... I need to do some more research on it because she told me other things about it that I can't remember but she has since passed on- and I would love to remember them!

  9. It's me again, Rose Mary- my curiosity got the best of me, so I googled Old Christmas and this is what I was looking for- I hope this link works, it's very interesting!

  10. Thank you, Paula (Farmchick) that is a great link! I love reading things like this!

  11. I wonder how these 'tales' started? I remember when we wanted to play Christmas records at a timeother than at Christmas mom told us that it would warp the record. LOl!!
    I love the little Christmas tree. What a special way to honor a memory of a loved one.

  12. Never heard such a thing. Not to sure what to think.

  13. Me again. My grandmother was very superstitious. One of my cousins lived across the creek from her and she was hanging out her clothes that day and she said Grandma came over and got onto her for doing that and Grandma told her that she wasn't supposed to do that on Old Christmas.

  14. Janet, that is funny about your grandma doing that! PattyH~I'd never heard about the Christmas record 'warping' before, LOL!