Friday, January 22, 2010


It is cold and a little rainy here this morning, but it is supposed to be sunny and warm up close to 70. I love it when it does this, but it only makes the cold seem harder when it comes back.

Everyone in my house is sick, except for me. My youngest came down with it last Thursday--she is still coughing and very hoarse. My hubby and oldest daughter started getting sick yesterday. Not sure if it is bad colds or something else.

I hope all of you are well and are looking forward to a great weekend.



  1. Oh no Rosemary, I hope all of the family gets over this soon! I also hope you don't get it, those mid winter warm ups are wonderful but I think the germ bugs like it too unfortunately:( stay well and thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog:)

  2. One of the differences of living in the Midwest compared to the south; we don't experience any nice warm-ups from December to April unless you count the ones from -20 to the 30's(although it does FEEL a lot warmer) and we don't have the days of sunlight. But there are advantages. I'm trying to think of one, since I don't ski, sled or own a snowmobile. We do have seasons, which I didn't really see in Dallas Texas like I do here, and the Springs are wonderful. AND the gardens don't burn up in July usually the way they do down south.
    I miss the south, though. And when I visit Texas this Spring I'm going by way of the Ozarks!

  3. Enjoy the weather... it's cold here today. Hope everyone in your house gets completely well soon and hope you do NOT catch it!

  4. probably these extreme weather changes we have had...hope they are all feeling better soon!!


  5. I'm hoping to stay home all weekend (except for church) and sew! I think it's supposed to rain again tomorrow so that's a good plan. blessings, marlene

  6. Boy, I hope your household is well soon.These weather changes are wicked. Was 50 here today and is supposed to snow tomorrow. Bless you bunches.

  7. We won't make it to 70 anytime soon, but mid 50's sure were nice, and I'll take the rain over the ice anyday! Give your sicko's (in a nice way) a mix of local honey and cinnamon, slap it on toast or make a tea, I eat it right of the bowl, everyday and I haven't gotten sick once and no sinus troubles this year! woohoo!

  8. Hope everyone gets better and you don't catch it. Have a nice weekend.