Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Wives Tales~Dreams

Friday night's dream, on Saturday told

Will always come true, no matter how old.

Dreaming of muddy water means trouble is coming.

Dreaming of money means one will be poorer than before.

A dream of death is good luck if dreamed at night. It usually means a wedding is coming. But if one dreams of death during the daytime is considered unlucky.

To dream about chickens or cattle is bad luck.

The first dream that one has after moving into a new house, or sleeping under a new quilt will nearly always come true.

I didn't really know any of these. The only superstition I can think of about dreams is that if you tell your dream before breakfast it will come true.

Do you know any superstitions about dreams?


  1. I don't know of any superstitions about dreams, but every now and then I dream that all my teeth come loose and fall out, does anyone know what THAT means???? I always wake up and make sure they're all still nice & tight in my mouth, LOL!!!! Don't think I've ever dreamed about death during the day........

  2. Carmen, I don't know how old you are, but I've had that dream all my life!!! Now, that I'm mid to late 40's, my teeth are slowly chipping away. I've spent more money at the dentist the past few years than ever in my life... getting all those chips fixed. I am a clencher.... maybe you are too! Rosemary, the other superstition I've heard about dreams is something about if you dream about snakes, you have an enemy.

  3. Carmen and PenPen, I've never had the dream about my teeth being loose but I am a clincher/grinder and have the chipped tooth problem.

    I did remember that I've heard if you dream about snakes over and over that it is a sign that you are supposed to move.

  4. I'm not sure, but isn't there one that if you dream about a wedding, it means a death is coming? Which makes no sense to me really....

    My own personal superstition concerning dreams: If I dream about something horrible happening, I have a strong feeling (one that I can't shake), that if I don't "tell" someone about it as soon as I can, then it will come true.

    Later, Deb

  5. The only other one that I've heard of, besides the death/wedding dream is the one about breakfast. To this day, I will not tell a bad dream before breakfast.

  6. Great post! I've heard one-if you dream of a dark haired woman the night before a big hunt-you're sure to have a successful hunt.

  7. I, too, have had dreams about my teeth crumbling and falling out! And I won't tell a bad dream before breakfast either.

  8. yes, Debbie J.... I've heard that one.... and just the opposite, if you dream about someone dying, there will be a wedding.

  9. I had only heard the one about the dream coming true if you tell it before breakfast. The other wives tales about dreams are very interesting.

    Most of my dreams are promptly forgotten, but I have had a few that I will always remember. Dreams that include my deceased son, who died at age two 24 years ago, are ones I will always remember. His grandmother (my MIL) was killed in a car accident 14 years after he died. I dreamed that she came to the door (after she died) and said, "Look who I've got with me!) and pointed behind her. I never saw him in the dream, but it was my son!. So I felt like this could be a dream telling me that she was in heaven with him taking care of him. :o)

    Debbie J.