Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writing Wednesday & Herbs

It is Writing Wednesday, and other than posting on a few blogs, I haven't done any writing today. One thing I really need to do is organize my writing desk. While I am not an organized person, I usually know what is in what stack of stuff--but the time has come to get it all cleaned up or soon there won't be anymore room. I did recently purchase a bulletin board and that has taken away some of the notes that I keep sticking everywhere. Do you keep your writing area organized?

I am still working on editing my novella. My daughters looked at it and gave me a few suggestions, so that will be my job for tomorrow. I don't think I have too many changes to make--other than the ending. I think endings are hard to write. I always know HOW it is going to end, but when I finally get there, it is always a challenge to get it right.

I spent the morning working in my little herb garden. I planted rosemary, oregano, and moved a sage plant. I also made a bed for some mints. I love being out there and seeing how it come along. I bought a food dehydrator, so I'm hoping to dry lots of herbs and veggies this gardening season. Have any of you dried herbs in your dehydrator? Several women at my church are going to be trying it this summer.


  1. I haven't tried drying them in my dehydrator but I so should : ) Congrats on finishing the novella. My writing place is messy-until I can't stand the piles anymore and clean it all up-like I did today!

  2. My writing area is very messy! I do clean it up every now and then, I have to. Good luck with your novella, I wish I was already in the editing process of my new manuscript. I'm so impatient. About the only thing we use our dehydrator for is deer jerky.

  3. I do have a dehydrator Mary except my 22 year old grandson borrowed it months ago and has been making jerky with it...he loves that stuff. He has venison in the freezer so that's what he makes it with. I'd love to try the herbs though...I have several in my little herb garden that I could probably do. blessings, marlene