Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!

I've been going through some of my kitchen drawers, sorting out things I do and don't use very often. I, unfortunately, have one drawer for most hand implements, so it's become a little crowded. I've taken some out and stored them away in a place I can get to easily. Knowing me, I'll have them all back out in another month, LOL!

Some things I do use quite often, are these two items. I use my old potato masher whenever we have mashed potatoes. I don't have to put together my hand mixer and I find this little thing easier to clean than the beaters.

This other little implement is new to my kitchen. It is a Danish dough whisk. A lady on a forum I go to recommended it for folks who don't have a large stand mixer (that would be me), and for anyone who has trouble with arthritis in their hands, also me. It does such a great job of stirring through any kind of thick dough, such as bread dough or cookie dough. And even better, it was a very good price on Amazon! It comes in two different sizes and I bought both. I use the biggest one for my bread making and the smaller for cookie doughs and anything else that's not quite as heavy as bread dough.

What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets?


  1. I also use my potato masher for potatoes. I like them better that way!

  2. I too use a potato masher for spuds and it works great on berries too when needed for jam or desserts. I'd love to find one of those danish dough whisks, cool!

  3. I love LOVE kitchen gadgets, and have a kitchen full of stuff. My favorite is a nice heavy whisk, I whisk my potatoes (instant, cooked in milk) and they taste so yummy, no one even mentions they are instant.