Monday, August 13, 2007

Cat Days of Summer?

Even our heat-loving cats are starting to resent this heat! Especially poor Brina, above. All that black fur just makes her hotter. She's decided to spend a little time inside, after our 'photo' session!

The building for our shop is now taking on a real shop look! Nothing fancy, of course, but it will be usable. My husband has been trying to work in an 8'x16' area, and that is just not enough.

It is 97 degrees outside right now and with the heat index it 'feels' like 103. The high is supposed to be 105, so we've still a ways to go.

Hope all of you are staying cool!



  1. My Clarence does love to sit in the sunny window or go out on to the mud porch that is not air a matter of fact he darts past me into the room every chance he gets...but I gotta have my AC in this heat!!
    Stay cool my friend...
    (that was a cute pic)

  2. How sweet...: )

    You should see the spoiled fur babies here! They lie on the A/C ducts while they look out of the windows. Lazy? Yup. Like I said, spoiled!

    Stay cool. It has been just awful hasn't it? Fall will be welcome!

  3. I love your kitty!! Mine are so spoiled and they hated when mommy and daddy were not home-when we were watching the grand dog.

    Take care,
    Thank you for your sweet comments.

  4. RM,
    That is way to hot!!! We had a great day today, low 70's. I even put a chicken roaster in the oven for dinner today.
    I went to the thrift today too, picked up a few cute things.
    Going to go now and read my book, I have a nice pile that has built up I really have to read more!

  5. Aww..what a pretty kitty!
    Stay cool!

  6. Beautiful cat. Our black lab Ben feels the heat as well ... thankfully our hot spell has broken and we can all enjoy being outside again. Hope your temperatures cool off soon as well.

  7. Oh poor Brina! In Summer heat, our cats used to like to lie in our bathrooms, which had tile floors, and were the coolest spots in the house.