Friday, August 3, 2007

Good Friday Morning!

Sorry I have been away from here for so long. It seems like summer is just not my time to Blog! I do miss all of you, though!

We are still busy sorting through bins of books, papers, and just plain junk, trying to get my husband's shop ready. There are several projects around the house that need attention as soon as the shop is ready. We have numerous shelves, a bookcase, and a craft/vacuum closet to build, just to name a few of the things that we hope to get completed. I am looking forward to having a place to store the vacuum and not have it sitting in my little hallway!

I don't understand how we have accumulated so much stuff! I am afraid that the people at the Goodwill will run and lock the doors when they see us coming, by the time this is over with! Oh well--there is one in a small town south of us that we might be able to sneak a few things in:-0!

Hope you all had a great week!



  1. Summer time is busy, that is for sure...sounds like you are having a productive one though!

  2. Oh, that is so funny. I have been there. I hope you get it all finished and we will see more ofyou. connie from Texas

  3. I sure do understand how summer time isn't good for blogging, so much to do! Your plans sounds nice, hope you get both done soon. I've missed visiting with you and others too, it'll slow down soon enough!

  4. It dont take long to have so much stuff. I am so happy that Summer is almost over, Its been HOT. Enjoy your weeekend.

  5. RoseMary, I have given you an award. Would you please go to my blog and check it out. Thanks so much. connie from Texas

  6. Isn't Summer a busy time? It never seems to have enough hours in the day!

    But you are doing such productive work!

    We miss you but DO understand!

    Be good to yourself!