Friday, August 10, 2007

Good Friday Evening!

I have been busy for a while and am just now getting back to my lonely little blog. Thanks to all of you who have checked in from time to time!

My dear friend, Connie, has given me the Thoughtful Blogger Award! Thank you so, so much, Connie. You are such a sweet friend and I always love hearing from you and visiting your blog. I'm very honored that you thought of me!

Check in here: for the rules for awarding your dear friends that give you inspiration on their blogs.

I'd like to give these awards to these five friends. Actually, I'd like to give awards to ALL my blogging friends. I enjoy knowing each and every one of you.

#1. To Terri, I'd like to award the Inspirational Blogger Award. I always love to hear what Terri is doing. She and her husband are both active in charity work, showing their love for others as well as being wonderful and inspirational grandparents to their two grandchildren.

#2. To Nancy Jo, I'd like to award the Creative Blogger Award. If you don't know Nancy Jo, you need to visit her blog. She is a very talented woman and does beautiful needlework. She also has a very good 'eye' when it comes to thrift shopping and makes some unbelievable finds!

#3. To Sue, I'd like to award the Inspirational Blogger award. She is truly an amazing woman. She not only loves the Lord, but truly cares about others. She is also an inspiration to me when it comes to gardening~especially with her herbs. And, she is a writer, also an inspiration to those of us who work at the craft.

#4. To Allison~sister of Sue and good friend, I give the Creative Blogger Award. She tells some amazing stories about the history of her town and shares some of the best outdoor pictures I've seen. She is such a good friend and always inspiring to read.

#5. To Pat, I give the Creative Blogging Award. She has the most amazing home and gardens. It is truly an inspiration to look at her pictures! And I love the way she practically takes us on her trips with her! She gets some great photos of the most beautiful places and things!

To everyone I didn't give an award to: you deserve one! Thanks to all of you for your sweet friendship!



  1. Congratulations to YOU!!
    You are an inspiration...I can't wait to check out those you awarded!!

  2. Congratulations to you dear Rosemary.
    You are an inspiration just by being you! You are so special...

    Have a sweet Sunday!


  3. Congrats to you on the award and thank you so much for nominating me. I do wish someday we can meet. You are a remarkable woman.

    Take care,

  4. RM,
    Congratulations to you and thankyou so much for your nice comments to me. It means a lot.
    Summer is slowing down a bit here, now I say a bit! Seems always something going on, but all the sports for the kids are done, so that frees up the evenings.
    Beautiful weather here this morning, curtains blowing, air smells good. They are calling for rain later today, we really do need it.

  5. Congrats Rosemary, so well deserved!! And thank you SO much for passing such a treasure onto me, I'm honored esp. coming from you dear friend! Before I forget, I'm hosting a yard sale swap on my blog if your interested? The thrift store swap was so much fun, I couldn't forget to ask you on this one! Hope you join us, if not, I understand totally! Your a gem girl!!

  6. congratulations on your Inspirational Blogger Award!
    Thanks for the links to those you have chosen to pass it on to...With the exception of Pat, the others are new to me.

  7. Thank You Rose Mary. I feel the same about you. Your bloggs have lifted me up in days I need it most. Thanks so much.... :)