Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter Again--But Not For Long!

We awoke to a beautiful snowy morning. We had quite a bit of thunder during the night, but it never really looked like 'thunder' snow to me, when I would get up and peer out at the storm. It was coming down fast and furious, but I thought the flakes should have been bigger. Maybe I just expect too much!
My dh, off work for the week before starting a new job, took the pictures this morning. Most of the snow was melted by ten o'clock and we took off for the city north of us to get a little bit of grocery shopping done. I was disappointed that my favorite flea market was closed. Since most of the schools were closed due to the snow, a lot of private businesses closed, also. Maybe I'll get back up there later this week. I've got the 'thrift shopping bug fever' right now, LOL!

Hope you've all had a great day!



  1. The picture of the lake is gorgeous! (Looks like a postcard!) Love the pic of the doggy, too... the white beard is hilarious! Have a blessed day, Rose Mary!

  2. The picture is beautiful. Your blog was a nice treat to find! I love log cabins too - www.logcabininmichigan.blogspot.com

  3. What a breathtaking picture. Stunning :)