Monday, September 15, 2008


Living in a very small house, I spend a lot of time organizing. . .and reorganizing. That's not to say that I am what you might call, 'organized', LOL! I just work at it a lot.

One thing that has bugged me for a long time is the stack of mail that is always on one of my kitchen counter spaces. It's not that everybody just chunks it there instead of putting it up. That's really the only place for it. But I still don't like to look at it.

So I am happy that my solution to this problem involves something that I've always wanted. Which, if you know me very well, you will guess is something old. I spotted it right away the last time I was at the flea market.

This old bread box, with it's rusty patches and fruit motif is the perfect solution for my stack of mail. At least for now. I'd love to have a real desk area for our bills and mail, but that will involve a little more creativity at some point in the future.

For now, my counter looks a little less messy. Do any of you have some tips for organizing small areas?



  1. What a great bread box - I would never have thought of using it that way. I have a wooden one that a friend made in about's hidden in the pantry. I need to think of some way to use it like that! As for organizing - there's no good solution when you have limited counter space. I've got the same issue. blessings, marlene

  2. What a perfect mail keeper and great find! I use alot of baskets for storage but you can never have enough! Love the pink cabinets!

  3. Love the bread box. If I'd have seen it-I'd have grabbed it up too!! I go through spells of wanting to go through each room and organize-usually when the season changes.

  4. Oh, Rosemary!
    I just love that bread box! It's so pretty AND functional! Tin things are so neat and especially vintage ones. Wow! It was the perfect fit for what you were needing and looking for!!!!

    My brain went blank at your question (I would blame it on the time, brain often "shorts out" on me!)
    I've only ever lived in small spaces -- until now and I'm not sure what to do!?!? Not a bad "problem" -- just very different for me. If I can ever remember an answer, I'll let you know.... Not that it looks like you need any help -- I just love your ideas!


  5. It is absolutely perfect! What a lovely find ~ it really brought back the most lovely feeling. Somewhere in my past there must have been one on my grandmother's counter.

    Don't you love living in a small house? You can absolutely keep only the things that bring joy. Its a nice feeling.