Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Butter Stretcher

There has been a lot of 'talk' among bloggers lately of ways to save money, so I thought I'd share this recipe for 'soft' butter spread that I have used for years. It is from Cheaper & Better by Nancy Birnes.

Country Butter

1 pound of margarine (I use butter to avoid hydrogenated fat)
1 cup corn oil
1 cup buttermilk

Whip ingredients thoroughly in a food processor or with a hand mixer. Store in tightly covered container in the refrigerator. Will keep well for one month.

You can halve or quarter this recipe if you want to mix up less spread.

Since I use butter instead of margarine, I usually take it out of the fridge about 5 minutes before I want to spread it on toast, muffins, pancakes, etc.



  1. Thank you, Miss RoseMary!
    We use butter, too.... and for the same reason!
    But I do use the bowl margarine because it's the only thing I can spread. We just don't use it often -- but, still, I feel kind of defeated. This recipe will help!

    Can you use regular milk instead of buttermilk? Shivers.... I'm not a big fan of buttermilk ;*)

    Many Blessings,

  2. Julie, I don't know if you can use regular milk or not~I've never tried! I don't like to drink buttermilk, either, but I love to cook with it!


  3. This is such a wonderful idea! We use this idea but don't add the buttermilk. I'll have to give that a try as well.

    Hope you'll keep sharing your ideas.


  4. Thanks for sharing this. I prefer butter and I put a stick of butter in a glass butter dish that my mother's best friend gave me a hundred years ago. It sits on my counter all the time and no, I don't refrigerate it. It never spoils before I use it. blessings, marlene

  5. Thank Rose Mary! We use butter, for the same reason, too. This sounds like a great idea.

  6. Hi there Rose Mary!
    Wanted to stop by today and say Hello! I've been thinking of you and so appreciate you stopping by the cabin!
    I loved all your sweet and beautiful pictures too!
    Thank you too, for sharing this great recipe--I use butter too--never margarine. Since I try to keep my weight down though-- it has become a treat. I have learned to drink my coffee black and use chicken broth on my potatoes. It does the trick!
    Have a wonderful weekend and Blessings to You!
    Claudia O.

  7. Almost can't afford butter but I get the point and I'd love the link you mentioned? Come see me, I tagged you, hope you will play! Have a blessed Sunday!

  8. Neat! I've never thought of making it-so thank you!