Monday, October 20, 2008


Sue over at Simple Country Pleasures has tagged me to tell 7 random things about myself. I must choose 7 to carry the tag on, so I'll choose 7 blogs that I'd like to know more about. Rules are easy, link to your tagger, share 7 facts, random or weird and choose 7 others, of which you will notify and share links. The seven I choose are: Nancy Jo, Debs Room, Alpicks Treasure, Thriftshop Romantic~and I think I've read this tag on most of the others!
My Seven Random Things:
1. I recently gave up coffee, now I drink herbal tea at breakfast every morning.

2. I collect old pictures from the late 1800s-early 1900s.

3. I have been working on family genealogy off and on again for over ten years.

4. My favorite small towns in AR are Eureka Springs and Mountain View.

5. I have made several quilt tops, but have not quilted any of them.

6. I am learning to knit--starting with a knifty knitter loom kit.

7. I was born without an organization gene, so I spend a lot of time sorting through things and attempting to organize them.
For all of you interested in Primitive Crafts~we are having a give-away over on our craft blog: Cordwood Cabin Primitives. Pop on over and sign up!


  1. Very interesting, Rose Mary!!
    I too had to give up coffee for the most part... (because of acid reflux- NOT because I wanted to...) but I still indulge myself at times!!!

  2. SO since I tagged you and you tagged me does that make us even??? Oops sorry about that but our thoughts were good. Have a nice week. and take care. Thanks for thinking of me.

  3. That was a lot of fun learning those things about you, RoseMary. I love coffee and have tried drinking tea for breakfast but I have just not learned as of yet. I love tea but cold tea for supper. Hope you are having a very good day. connie

  4. What a fun tag to read Rose Mary. Looking forward to seeing your 1st knitted project :-)

  5. Great list, Rose Mary.

    We are going to try to get to Eureka Springs, next week, during our little R&R/Anniversary getaway. Our friends, with a 5th wheel trailer, camp at Mountain View, for a fiddler's contest or blue grass music or something. Some sort of music festival. I can't think of what it is this morning! You'll know what I'm thinking of, though.