Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Afternoon

We had a beautiful, warm day today, but the temperature is on the way down. I think we'll have several days of low 60s--not cold, but definitely not the upper 70s like we've enjoyed the past few days.

This is the shade I made for my kitchen. I've had it up for a couple of weeks. I like it, but I think maybe larger checks like this pattern compete with my cordwood walls. I'll remember that the next time I pick out material!
The cabinet is a little pantry that hubby made for me. I put a heavy 'whitewash' on it and then a dark glaze to age it. You can still see some of the pine knots through the glaze.

I began buying my Thanksgiving 'supplies' today. I hope to have everything purchased for the dinner by the end of next week~and then start cooking ahead. Do any of you cook and then freeze any of your dishes for Thanksgiving? I've found that it makes the day so much easier and I get to enjoy more of our guest's company:)



  1. I like it!!! No, I have never cooked ahead of time, I might try doing it at Christmas time when all my family are home. Thanksgiving we will all be at our second sons home. I can't wait! I love Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful one. connie

  2. Hi Rose Mary,
    Before I even read your words, I saw the photo and thought "I love that pretty little curtain." It just suits that corner. I can imagine coming through the door with some fresh bread just for you!

    On the subject of Thanksgiving, I am a bit spoiled. I travel to Mom & Dad's where mom has worked for days preparing the complete meal for all of us. I do bring some nice goodies for munching before and after, but she does all the GOOD cooking.

    I think freezing is a wonderful idea. The best part about the holiday is sharing time with the ones we love.


  3. I like it too. You did a great job. I have not even started shopping fot Thanksgiving supper. We will be gone maybe thats why. I enjoy your blogg and love your home. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  4. What a cute shade and I love the pantry too! No cooking ahead and freezing here, my family wouldn't go for that! It's chilly here, the trees are almost all bare, I miss the color already!

  5. Thank you, Connie~I've been meaning to post a picture of the shade for a while. Enjoy Thanksgiving at your son's house!

    Lea, I'd love it if you could walk through my door! I'll bake apple bread if you can come:)

    Allison, I've really enjoyed the pictures you've been posting on your blog. (Please keep your blog!)

    Sue, I just mix up my sweet potato casserole, and all my dressing 'fixins' to freeze. This year I'm going to try making up my pie crusts and freezing them, so I won't be mixing up dough the day before. I also make my rolls ahead and freeze them.

  6. I love the kitchen shade, Rose Mary!! It's very pretty and colorful. And your Hubby did a great job on the pantry!
    I can't believe Thanksgiving is just two weeks away!