Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Project

Our muscadines are ripe~well, at least some of them. I haven't made jelly in quite a few years, so I wasn't sure I was up to the task, but once I got started, I really enjoyed it!

First, I turned all those gorgeous little muscadines into juice. That was the longest process of this project. I put the juice into the refrigerator overnight and then strained it through cheesecloth the next morning. I had seven cups of muscadine juice.

This is the recipe that I used:

5 cups of juice

1/2 tsp. of butter (to reduce the foam)

one tablespoon of lemon juice

six cups of sugar

one package of Ball pectin

1. I mixed the five cups of juice, lemon juice, butter, and the pectin in a large Dutch oven and brought the mixuture to a full rolling boil.

2. Then, I added the sugar all at once, bringing all of that to a full rolling boil and letting it boil for one minute~stirring constantly.

3. I skimmed the small amount of foam off of the top and put in my ready jars! This made four pints of jelly.

I did not seal the jars, so they will be kept in the refrigerator. I also sent a pint and a half next door to my parents. If more are ripe this week, I'll probably seal and water-bath the next batch.


  1. Until recently I had never heard of muscadine grapes. After all that work you should have sealed the jars. Sterilize the jars beforehand and then all you have to do after filling them with the jelly mixture is turn them upside down for five minutes, then flip back over. You would have heard the 'pings' in not time of the jars sealing. My concord grapes are long gone, but I did get to make jelly, pies and filling from them to put in the freezer before they disappeared.
    I bet your jelly tastes yummy!

  2. My parents had lots of those kind of vines and my mother always made jelly every year. It was so good!

    I love the quilt the jars are sitting on too!

    Debbie J.

  3. Wow - I've never heard of muscadines before, but the jelly looks delicious!!!


  4. I made muscadine jelly a couple of weeks ago Mary and it's scrumptious! My neighbor grows them and shared with me. blessings, marlene

  5. I've never had those but that jelly looks wonderful and so pretty:)

  6. yummy I love muscadines, but they make my mouth itch really bad...

  7. I have never heard of muscadine before??? im not even sure how to say it It looks good though!! I love jelly and jam of my fav. things to do!! God bless..Amy Jo

  8. Yummm- that sounds wonderful, Rose Mary!! I bought some Muscadine juice recently and it was so good. I'll bet the jelly is out of this world!

  9. Beautiful jellies! Funny that you posted on this, because out of the blue, one day this weekend I got a craving for grapes! I hope I can find some muscadines or scuppernongs around here somewhere. PS... about sealing your jars... I have a friend who does a lot of canning, baking, etc... and HE has started sealing his jars by placing them inside the oven. I had never heard of such, but he said a little old lady told him how to do it a few years ago, and that is how he has been doing his ever since!

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  11. Thank you all for the advice about sealing the jars! I've never heard of the oven method, either. I have turned them over before to seal. Really, nobody I know around here does the water bath thing, but since it's recommended in the canning books, I thought I'd mention it. I have water bathed pickles, but I know some people don't do that, either. I guess we live dangerously in this part of the country:)

    And yes, the jelly is very yummy! I don't think it will have time to 'go bad', LOL!

    Debbie J, the quilt is a little doll quilt that I made several years ago. I mostly make doll quilts since they are an easy project for me to finish!

    (Sorry about the deleted comment above~it was me changing my BAD spelling, LOL!)

  12. RM, you have been busy. Don't you just love it when you can see what you have canned. The little jars always look so pretty.
    I see you picked up some cute little goodies while out shoping. That apron is cute. I like the pockets too.

  13. Looks like some yummy jelly!! Love your flea market finds too.

  14. I don't know what a muscadine is. I don't think we have any thing like that in this part of the world.

  15. Sounds like you have been busy. Glad its cooled off over there. Its nice here. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Take Care,