Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blackberry Winter

I hope all of you southern gardeners managed to avoid any frost last night. I checked my calender and it really is May, LOL! We did not have frost, which we are very thankful for~but I'm afraid our neighbors just to the north of us did. Our tomatoes still look healthy, as do the rest of our plants.

I am looking forward to the warm-up this week, as well as drying out! My, I've seen enough rain to last me for a while.

Hoping all of you are warm, safe, and dry!


  1. We got down to 38 last night, close but were safe! One more night of iffy temps then a warm up here too, can't wait!!

  2. It was so cold and rainy here today. We don't have any of our plants in the ground yet. They are sitting in the garage :o) I am glad my blackberries haven't bloomed yet, but they are close to blooming.

  3. Even though it didn't frost it is VERY cold here this morning, Rose Mary... and I don't know if we are ever going to dry up!
    (Oh, I'm sure along about July I'll be regretting those words... *giggle*)

  4. Hi RM,
    I know what you mean about the wet weather, that enough now for a while.
    Aren't you clever making your own face cream. The ones on the market are so expensive. Glad it turned out good.
    Nancy Jo

  5. We had frost, but everything looks okay.

  6. We had spotted frost-thankfully nothing of mine was hurt-but it nipped the leaves of Granny and Pap's grape vines.