Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Good morning. We have rain today!! That's pretty exciting around here, as we haven't had much the last few months. I'm hoping it will give a good watering to my green beans and tomatoes. Do any of you grow Juliet tomatoes? They are small, almost like cherry tomatoes, but elongated like Romas. I think they have a great taste and they are about the hardiest tomatoes I've ever seen. They did well through the long, hot summer and are still producing.
We walked through our woods last week and I took this picture. This makes the prettiest waterfall when it has rained a lot. You can't tell so much from the picture, but the water flows down into a little pool. It needs a good cleaning out, as several trees and branches have fallen on it. It is on our 'list' of projects around here. And I have to say that it is a long list. Still, we are hoping to get this project done sometime this winter when all the snakes are napping.

Have a great day!


  1. How cool that you have your own waterfall. That is one thing I miss about living in the mountains. When I used to travel with my home health job, I would drive by some of the largest falls in the county. Beautiful!!

  2. It's 11:30 here and it just started raining - like you we've been waiting and praying for it. I hope it lasts all day long! blessings, marlene

  3. We had rain last night. I love the woods and we went for a long walk in one this weekend, it was neat, but it wore me out.

  4. We finally got some rain too! Love the photo.

  5. I'm so glad you finally got some rain, Rose Mary! Heaven knows it's been SO dry this year... we didn't have much fall color this year because a lot of trees had already lost their leaves due to drought.
    Hope you're having a wonderful Autumn!