Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Foggy Morning

Good morning. It is cool and foggy here this early morning. I think the sun is about to start burning through and give us a sunny day.

Yesterday, we cleaned out the wood stove pipe and readied it for our winter fires. I don't think we'll have any of those fires this week, though. We will be staying in the mid 70s to mid 80s. Not bad temps for this time of year--and it gives us a little more time to prepare for winter. We'll probably be hauling a lot of firewood, starting next weekend.

I just love those little pumpkins in the bowl above. I am trying to resist buying more of them, as they are taking over my house! They are not only on top of the table, but on the Hoosier cabinet, in a little pumpkin holder in the living room, and on the bar that divides my kitchen and dining area. Next year, I would love to grow some of them~that way, maybe, I will have all of them that I want!

Have a great day.



  1. I love your pumpkins. They so look like fall. It is still rather warm here. No autumn days yet, certainly no thought of burning wood in the fireplace or wood burning stove. Have a great day. connie from Texas

  2. The pumpkins are so cute! I didn't buy any of the little ones,this year.


  3. I'm all for a wood fire as long as someone else tends it...lol! I'm very afraid of flames of any sort! But I do enjoy sitting before a fire! We are a tad warm but having lots of rain right now...I'm afraid it is making me a little gloomy!

    Pumpkins are very cheery though!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Don't you just love these mini pumpkins? They are so sweet and fit into lots of places a big one will not! Your wooden bowl is so pretty and I love such arrangements!

    Hugs always,

  5. Your pumkins are so cute! I did not buy any this years but I do love them.
    Enjoy your fires as the weather gets cooler, it is such a cozy time of year!I love it.

  6. Good Morning. Love your pictures in your blog. I think there used to be a Silver Dollar City around here years ago.
    Thanks for your prayers.

  7. I love them too. They are cute. How come they were never around when I was growing up?

  8. Love your adorable mini-pumpkins. I tend to choose quite a few of those myself when I'm putting together a bowl of our autumn gourd friends. Yours look so great in that rustic bowl-- lovely atmosphere!

    I also enjoyed all your photos of the scarecrows. That town seemed to have such personality. Hope you have a cheery fall weekend, Rosemary!