Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Advice From Days Gone By

I happened upon this nifty little vinegar book at a flea market a few weeks back. I love the cover, and soon managed to Google up the results that this exact company does not exist anymore, as it eventually evolved into just Spea's.

I always consider it a 'treasure' when I find a little bit of Arkansas 'history' in a flea market and this little book is just that.

Besides it's many recipes, it has many helpful hints. For years now, we have used apple cider vinegar for many things, including acid reflux, sour stomach, skin problems, athlete's foot, sore throat, flea prevention (added to pet's water), as well as using it as an excellent cleaner when mixed with baking soda.

According to the hints in the back of this little booklet, apple cider vinegar is also good for bruises, used as a cold compresses on the head for headaches (I'm not sure I could breathe well with that one!), bathing, and treating animals for mange. . . the list goes on and on.

I think of how many individual products that we purchase today, when our ancestors of not-to-long-ago depended on just a few sources for their many needs. I'm always looking for ways to simplify and use a little bit of 'thrift sense', so I think I am going to expand my uses of vinegar!

I'd love to hear any of the thrifty tips that you have to share.



  1. Its cover is lovely, too.
    I often marvel at how many products are offered to us that can be reproduced with nothing but basic cooking and baking supplies -- if we knew how.

  2. I agree with you, it is amazing the thing that we buy when it is not necassary. Thank-you for all of your tips. I tried taking apple cider t loose some weight but OH! I just counln't do it.
    Have a good day

  3. I love the cover too and would of bought it just for that! We've started taking 2 Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar in a glass of OJ each day for over all good health, helps with the joints too! I love old remedies like this. Love the muffin book too!

  4. Hi Rebecca~it's so nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by!

    Ginger, at first I didn't like it much, but now I don't mind it "straight" (mixed with water), as long as I can have it iced.

    Sue, I've never drank it in OJ, but I do like it in grape juice!

  5. I also agree with all the things we purchase and our ancestors used only a few things that they kept handy.

    Thanks for sharing

    Take care,

  6. I can't imagine using it for acid reflux or sour stomach...it just kind of boggles the mind...LOL!

    I don't do any alternative or older remidies that I know of anyhow...

    Have a great day!

  7. Hi Rose Mary!

    I love this book. It has a pretty over, great contents and isn't it great to find a bit of local history.

    Vinegar/baking soda drain freshener is the absolute best!

    Great post!