Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back To Winter

After that line of horrific storms passed through the south earlier this week, we are back to some cold weather.
My in-laws live in one of the hardest hit areas here in AR and were both downtown when the tornado hit. We thank the Lord, they are both safe, as is their home, but there is much damage in their little town and several people were killed. It will be a long recovery for towns in AR, TN, and KY. So many people lost family members, friends, and neighbors. Please remember all of them in your prayers.


  1. Hello Rose Mary..I found your blog by accident while trying to find another one(I'm still new to this), but I just wanted to say I love your blog and especially the pictures of your animals and your flea market finds. I haven't got to read all of your older posts, but I'm going to try and catch up.
    God Bless!

  2. So glad you are all safe...
    Tornadoes are not our typical weather, I can't imagine how scary it is for all who went through those storms. Definitely in our prayers.

  3. Oh Rose Mary, My prayers goes out to all of you. GOD was watching over you and your family. I am glad the storms are gone. I hope thats not a start to a bad twister season. Maybe the cold is not so bad. Take Care, Allison

  4. I am so glad that your family is safe. My brother lives in TN and I was worried - but he told me he was fine. He lives on the border of TN and KY.

    Take care,

  5. Glad you are safe. Glad tornadoes are one of those things we don't see up here in NH.

  6. I'm certainly glad your immediate family is all right. It's been an incredibly strange winter.

    We have a wind chill factor of 15 below today-- and yet my hydrangeas have leaves budding on them!

  7. My heart and prayers go out to all that have had to go through this terrible time and especially to those who have lost love ones. Take care, my friend. connie from Texas

  8. Thoughts & prayers for those who were in danger. What is happening to the weather? So glad your family is safe.

  9. Hello Rose Mary...

    I thought of you all when those storms came through. We had thunderstorms and hail, with tornado warnings to our south. It's too early for these storms!!

    We're back to winter with sleet and intermittent snow showers. The temp at noon is 19!


  10. Hello Rose Mary
    I've had lots of catching up to do here at Cordwood Cabin. It has been a long winter - we have had temps as low as -30c with the wind chill and another snow storm last night. Keep warm.