Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Country Living

For five years, I let my Country Living Magazine subscription lapse. The magazine was so full of advertisements that there wasn't much room left for actual content. Despite that, I missed my subscription. So when I saw a great deal for a subscription on Amazon, I snapped it up. I'm loving this magazine! It has a new look from the old one, which bothered me at first~but now I like it better!

One of my favorite articles was in the February 2009 issue. It is titled For The Love of Color. The interview was with shop owner, Jutta Verde Rosa. She described her shop and her own decorating style. I loved her advice of 'buy only what you love'.

If you buy only what you love, you'll always find a place for it, whether it is new, vintage, or salvaged. I also like to re-use, or re-purpose items I have that seem to have lost their original usefulness. Don't get me wrong, my house is small and I do consider what I might do with an object before I purchase it. But I've found that even if it's something a little bit 'different', it usually blends right in with our own 'family style' here at the cabin.

Do you save most of your magazines? I keep almost all of mine~and I really need to 'weed' through some of them as I don't really have the room. I generally keep all of my Country Living, Country Sampler, Victoria, and Martha Stewart~which adds up to a lot of magazines. I'd be interested to hear any storage solutions from those of you that can't bear to part with your collection.


  1. I've read Country Living from the beginning; had a subscription and let it lapse for the same reasons you did. I recently resubscribed because I liked the new look. I also picked up the British version,last month, at Barnes and Noble. Love it!

    When you mentioned the Ouachita's, in your comment, it made me think of Petit Jean..I would love to go there again.

  2. Hi dear:) I DO save most of my magazines, I go back and reread them again and look up things. Only after I'm sure theres nothing in there I don't need, then I give them to a friend! Hope your having a great day, hugs&kisses to your furbabies:)

  3. I hoard magazines too! I stopped Country Living years ago for the same reason, but occasionally find them at the thrift store... almost new. :o) I have stacks here and there. Sometimes I get up my nerve and part with a few of them.

  4. That has been one of my fave since I was in high school. I stopped it too as it was getting too many ads and way to primitive for me. But I couldn't stay away long and I love it.
    I don't keep magazines I tear out what I like and file them in binders relating to rooms etc. No room for all the magazines I read.

  5. I love Country Living too Mary, and also Country Sampler. I got a bunch of free subscriptions last year, like Redbook & Martha Stewart & others, but I ended up giving them all away and not even reading them. Not enough time for that! I keep my quilting magazines, mostly anyway. I used to subscribe to 5 of those but I'm down to 2 or 3 now. I have even given away all of the ones I no longer subscribe too. I ran out of room! blessings, marlene

  6. Good morning Rose Mary!

    I used to keep my magazines under the bed in plastic storage bins.

    I wish I had room to keep magazines now, but there is no way in a 375 square foot house. So, favorite pics are added to my three-ring ideas binder.

    I also check out magazines from the library, and surf the net for inspiring photos - that seems to meet my daily need for eye-candy.


  7. CL is one of my favorites too, and I let my sub go also when it got too full of ads but I'm so glad it's back to the old style and grace of true country living! And yes, I do save all of mine!

  8. I've confessed on my blog in the past that I don't throw away and Country Living magazines. BUT, this year, I decided to start pulling out pages and keeping a file and throw out the magazines. I've purged 5 out of the house. That was a few months ago. Ha!