Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roman Shades

I've never made any Roman shades, but I love the way they look. Everyone says that they are very easy to make, but I've never tried, as I'm not very handy with a sewing machine if it involves anything other than a straight stitch.

I came across this blog~Little Green Notebook, that shows how to make them out of old, damaged mini blinds! Unfortunately, I threw all of mine away before I found this. Oh well, at least I have a plan for the next one that the cat ruins!


  1. Wow, I just checked that out and it looks pretty simple. I bought some from JCPenney on sale for my bedroom, but each layer is lifted with buttons. They would not be easy to raise up and down like the ones made over the old mini blinds. Let us know when you try it!

  2. Hi Rose Mary,

    I love the idea, but am a little chicken to try it. You go first! :)

    BTW, I like your new blog background. Very pretty!

  3. What a super Idea! Cannot wait to try this. What can you lose, if your blind is busted up, the alternative would be to trash it.


  4. Can't wait to check it out! Thanks for sharing and enjoy this pre fall weather, it's glorious!

  5. Thanks for posting this Mary. I'd love to try making these for my kitchen window. This may be a winter project! blessings, marlene

  6. Your neighbor's truck would make me smile too. You'll have to post a pic. for me! (totally off subject from your roman shades! LOL)

  7. i have a sewing book that has directions for roman blinds. i made some but this idea of putting the roman blinds over mimi blinds is so cool i'll have to try it! btw the roman blinds were easy, i'm all thumbs when it comes to sewing so if can do anyone can