Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wives Tales

When someone sneezes, do you say, "God Bless You!"? Or maybe "Gesundheit!"? I have heard both, though most commonly, "God Bless You", which I still say today.
In earlier times, since it was known that God breathed breath into man, a sneeze--a 'rapid departure' of breath, was thought to be the instance of life leaving one's body. And the blessing of saying 'God Bless You', kept evil from being able to enter the empty space left by the sneeze.

Most sneezing beliefs seem to center on whether the soul is leaving the body, or evil spirits are getting in. That is thought to be the original reason for covering your mouth when you sneeze--to keep your soul in or evil out, not to prevent spreading germs.

On a funny note, I read one post on the Internet that said there are probably some people still living, even today, that remember the old "God Bless You" custom after someone sneezes. LOL! I wonder how old the person was that wrote that article, and better yet, where they are from??

And so to end this post, sneezing or not~God Bless You!!


  1. I always say God Bless You when someone sneezes! You ever notice that sneezes usually come in threes?

  2. Good grief, I always say God bless you... I can't believe there are people who DON'T!!
    Interesting story, Rose Mary- I just always thought it was good manners to say it because I always heard it growing up.

  3. I was always taught that your heart skips a beat when you sneeze. :o) I can remember worrying about it when I was a kid.

  4. I still say this when someone sneezes. I've gotten some strange looks in stores when I've said this to a stranger who has sneezed.

  5. If you had a German Great Grandma you heard it both ways. And God Bless You!!!

  6. And the same to you, Rose Mary.

    Our toddler grandchildren say God Bless you, if someone sneezes.

  7. "there are probably some people still living, even today, that remember the old "God Bless You" custom after someone sneezes."

    Too funny! Yes, I'm still alive and saying 'God Bless You' when someone sneezes! I remember my Great-Grandmother (who was German) saying "Gesundheit"!


  8. I'm with you wonder how old that person was LOL! You know what my husband's family says when someone sneezes- "scat there Tom your tails in the gravy" I've heard other folks in that area say it too. Now wonder how that one started!

  9. I always say God Bless you. Just a little reminder that God does bless us everyday.

  10. HI RM,
    You haven't posted in awhile. Everything ok??
    Nancy Jo