Thursday, July 1, 2010

Molly Pitcher

The name 'Molly Pitcher' is generally attributed to Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley. She was the wife of John Hays. Mary was carrying water to the soldiers at the Battle of Monmouth fought in New Jersey, when her husband, who was loading one of the cannons, was killed. She immediately took over his job and continued to load the cannon throughout the battle. It is said that George Washington was so impressed with her quick thinking and actions, that he dubbed her, Sergeant Molly.

She has been honored in various ways throughout the years, including a depiction of her on a pedestal of a monument, a stamp, and a section of a U. S. highway was named after her, as well as a ship in WWII, the SS Molly Pitcher.

Like many stories from the Revolution, there is speculation that the true Molly Pitcher was a combination of women and the roles they played in various battles.

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  1. I never knew that! Women back them were so brave considering how hard life was! That amazes me!

  2. Truly a wonderful story! I so enjoyed reading it and your other post.
    Sorry I have not been around lately. Hurt myself and have been laid up a while