Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yankee or Rebel?

Take this fun TEST and find out!

I scored 100% Dixie!


  1. What a fun test and I'm a Yankee! Is that bad???? Hope you are enjoying the day Rosemary!

  2. You scored 100% Dixie!!! Well, that's a surprise, Rose Mary! He-heeee.

    I'm 30% Dixie - a dandy Yankee Doodle. But hey, Colorado is where the Dixies & Yankees meet. You would not belive all the Southerners that move here! :)

    Have a happy one,

  3. I was 45% Dixie. I guess having both parents born in Canada, my dad being raised in Massachusetts (until his upper teens) and me being raised in Southern California for the first 13 years of my life still has some influence on this Arkansas girl!

  4. 100% Dixie...It asked if General Lee was related to me!!Hahaa
    Hello from Texas! Have a great day!

  5. I was 29% Dixie and the rest a Yankee which makes sense since I grew up in MA and live in NH now. The 29% Dixie must be the influence of my true southern sister in law!

  6. My end result was 97% Dixie! Not :-) Great fun test, I put it up on my Facebook account.