Friday, July 2, 2010

Riding Through Enemy Lines

Deborah Champion, born in 1753, was the daughter of Continental Army's Commisary General, Henry Champion. In September, 1775, she rode two days and nights, accompanied by a trusted family slave, whom she called 'Uncle Starky', to deliver intelligence information to General George Washington. The ride was from Connecticut to Boston.

She was stopped by British soldiers once, and at first they insisted she go to their headquarters and be questioned. But it was very early in the morning, still dark, and she begged to be let through, telling them she was making haste to a friend's home.

Deborah was wearing her mother's bonnet, a very large bonnet covering most of her face. It was a fashion worn by older women. The soldiers studied her for a few moments and replied, "Well, you are only an old woman, anyway", and he allowed her to pass.

She successfully delivered the papers to General George Washington himself. He complimented her on her courage and patriotism.


  1. I really enjoyed this look back in time ,what a brave young lady Jan xx

  2. Some very amazing women help build this country!
    Wishing you a very Happy 4th!!!

  3. I love women heroes of the Revolution. If you go to Two Lane Livin' Magazine's site and check our my Fun Facts for Kids column for this month, you will see where I wrote about Betty Zane.