Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon

The rain is on its way!

Good afternoon to all of you. It is a rainy day here on the mountain. Looking to the mountain across from us, I could see the rain before it got here. I would love to chant "Rain, rain go away, come again some other day." But, truthfully, we need the rain. The status in our area is not considered critical, but it is considered 'abnormally dry', so rain is just the thing we need.

Today is definitely an inside day and I am going to enjoy it. It is a great day to finish up some housework, read, work a puzzle or whatever comes to mind. I have several craft projects that I need to dig out and do some work on and have had too many other things to do.

So, what do all of you do on rainy afternoons?


"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


  1. Send me your rain, I'll take all I can get. Yeep it looks like Arknansas, Oh how I remember the ticks, and bugs.. Have a great day.

  2. Pretty view! I used to live in the mountains of Western NC and enjoyed the breathtaking views. Rainy days, for me, are good for sewing, reading, cooking, sleeping, or watching t.v. I hope you enjoy your rainy day! It's sunny and HOT here.

  3. I don't mind rain - when at work.

    But come my rest days, I luv to be outdoors and today with having a cold (just to remind you again - got a cold) I am enjoying sitting in the garden - as we have sunshine, which is just what I need.

    When raining I usually go through some of the med journal emails that have been sent me as well as attending to my "must do" lists and of course - checking my "blogging friends".

    I do luv the views you have - so wonderful.

    Have a good day and blessings to you.

  4. We've had lots of rain too. What beautiful photos you take!

  5. definately a hot cuppa tea
    we've had wonderful weather but I fear storms are on the way this evening....

  6. Your mountain view is just spectacular! We had a rainy day today as well.

  7. I think we have been getting just enough rain. My change in the next couple of months. Love the view and mountains. My brother lives in Tennessee.

    Take care,

  8. RoseMary, Thank you for dropping by to visit and the kind comments.

    We are praying for rain, we need it desperately..We have forest fires raging out of control over two weeks now....

    Please come again......

  9. I sure do miss those mountains! Were getting your rain this morning, a nice slow one helping all the plants to recover from that late nasty frost. I like to be crafty when stuck inside or do some blogging! lol

  10. Oh, I definately sew on a rainy afternoon! Well, I'd like to be sewing on rainy afternoons! Lately we have been going to tennis matches and ball games in the rain!!

    I love your mountains!

  11. Spectacular view!! We sat on the patio in the rain for awhile yesterday evening. Felt good!

    We're to have rain off and on the rest of the week.

    Back Porch Musings

  12. We need rain desperately in our mountains here too. We have some predicted for the next couple of days. I don't mind rainy days, as I prefer the rain to the forest fires that could break out without them. xoxo