Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slow and Rainy Day

There is not much going on here today. It rained most of the morning with a few thunderstorms passing through as well. We have had enough rain lately that I have only had to water my flowers a couple of times. I have a lot of flowers in pots and tubs, like the pink petunias above. I'm sure all of that will change once summer is really here.

Speaking of change, I have been doing some work on my blog, trying to learn some new things. It is an on-going process, so it may be completely different the next time that you visit! Possibly because I'll have no idea to get it back the way that it was before. I would really like to know what I am doing, but I find it to mostly be 'hit and miss'!

Hope all of you are having a great day1



  1. Hi RoseMary...the pink petunias are pretty.

    I sort of stumble around with my blog. Not very techy! Amy at One Blue Egg made a pretty masthead for the back porch. I just put it on there. I know it's not centered right, but I'm afraid to do anything to change it!

    Back Porch Musings

  2. We had a brief shower just now and I was thankful for I did not want to haul out the hose and watering can...
    I'm one of those that has learned as I go...this time last year I was learning how to make links...some things just take time but I'll help you all I can if you want me too.

  3. Love the flowers. I am such a computer dummy. I bet if I played long enough I could loose everything.

    Good luck!!
    Take care,

  4. I know what you mean, RoseMary about the blog. I just keep on until I get it the way I want it but a lot of the time having to accept it as it is. Once, I have it a certain way, I have no idea, how I did it. lol. Isn't it fun. connie from Texas

  5. It looks like most of us have been having rain - has been the past days here too!!

    Eagerly await your new thinking - design. What will it be I wonder??

  6. Morning. We are suppose to be getting some rain this weekend. I pray we do. It is so dry.
    The flowers are so pretty. I really need to get some for my beds-they are bare.
    Have a blessed day.

  7. RM,
    Most of my life is hit and miss, seems to work out ok. So just keep pushing those buttons and whatever comes up for your blog we will still love to see.

  8. Update - Rosemary, congratulations on the the 'new header' - now that goes with your cabin.

  9. Thanks all of you for your comments and encouragement. I made this current header last night. I've made about six, LOL, so it may have been different when you were last here. I do like the way the logs show up on this one. My husband and I would love to have our own online business and web-site, so I figure that this is just the sort of 'practice' that I need!

  10. Pat, Terri and Connie--I defintely know what you mean about not being very techy!! Maybe we can all learn from each other! Early Bird, thanks for your offer of help, too.

    Peter, I'm glad you are getting some rain and Patty, I sure hope you get some--I know that your area is dry right now and summer is right around the corner.

  11. I have the same problem if I try and change things around, I never know what might happen.

  12. Takes me a lot of frustrating time to do anything on my blog. You may have noticed I lost all my links and some paragraphs when I changed my blog. I know how to put them back-it's just that the time it takes me to do it, makes me not want to do it! I still use my old template to change anything. I think the new blogger saves your old template for you if you choose to go back. I sure wish I knew more about it all.
    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say Hello! Have a great day RoseMary and Blessings to You!-Claudia O.

  13. Rain? What's rain?? LOL
    We sure could use some here! I think this weekend we are expecting some. It is almost time for our rainy season to begin then I'll be begging for it to stop!

    I scrolled down and read you random things about you, so I now feel I know you a little better!

  14. I like your look RoseMary.....Thanks for visiting with me and commenting....Betty

  15. Beautiful petunias!

    I am just learning about things on my blog. I still have so much to figure out! I really love your new header! Great work!

    Oh how I wish we would get rain here. So dry...

    Have a sweet weekend!


  16. I think it's great that alot of us are trying to play with our blogs to make them more personal, me too! It's just a learning thing, but such a good feeling when we can do it ourselves. You can save your old template and info. just hit the bottom before you switch over. It looks great!