Saturday, June 2, 2007


It has been a very rainy week around here. Even though it hasn't always rained during the day, we wake up to a wet ground. Needless to say, the grass is growing very fast! We need to mow, but it will have to dry out a bit. My poor flowers have really taken a beating from all the rain, too.

I've been using some of my time to organize several areas around the house. It seems to get a little bit more 'crowded' in the cold months. By the time it starts warming up, I am ready for more 'open' space than I tend to live with during the cold months. This is a small house, so it usually takes me quite a lot of rearranging and 'thinking' to get things in a better order.

Today, I'm going to work on the bookshelves in the living room. The books are put in the shelves haphazardly and some are just stacked on the cabinet below.

Have a fun and safe weekend.



  1. Rosemary, I think for once - we have been the same - weather wise - much rain. Although yesterday was like a summer's day.

    I wish my hair would grow as fast as the grass - but alas - nature 'says no more'. At least no hair brush or hair dryer.

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope the sun pops out to say 'Hello'.

  2. Hi, we haven't had rainin over a week. It is cloudy now, I hope they produce some. It's getting way too dry.
    We live in a small home. It gets very crowded. I need to declutter some stuff.

  3. As I read about your bookshelf I looked to my left at, I need to do the same thing...sometimes I think I'm getting lazier in my old age and just put things willy nilly...I used to be so much more organized!
    You have a great weekend!

  4. So, your hogging all the rain? It keeps going around us here! Share some soon! lol

  5. Rosemary~ I love looking at your blog, it's really peaceful. The pictures of the flowers are beautiful, and you actually captured a creature I am scared of...bee~ but it does wonders for our earth. Hope Bible school goes well, even if the numbers are lower, I am sure it will be a time to be remembered...