Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Rainy Day

We are having more rain here at the cabin. I'm sure this rainy streak will soon leave us and we will get to our usual dry and dusty summer, but for now we are enjoying all the green.

I managed to get outside between showers and pull some more dandelions from my too wild flower garden--it really could use some 'taming' and I am going to get to it sooner or later. Our little bunny friends are quite fond of the dandelions and we enjoy watching them sit out in the yard and eat them--ever watchful of the cats that are lazing around. So I won't pull them all up. Not that I could--I believe I could make a career out of pulling them up, there are so many! I know they are indicative of poor soil, but I do love to see them in the early spring with their sunny yellow faces.

This is the first year we have so many rabbits! A sign that our dog is getting older! Some of them are getting quite tame and will let you get very close to them before they scamper away.

It sounds like the rain is letting up again, so I'll be heading back outside.
Have a great day.



  1. I loved the rabbit. I hope you have a wonderful sunny week. connie from Texas

  2. RM,
    Yep, hot and humid today, bet we get a storm tonight or tomorrow to cool us down. I water my outside plants twice a day, poor things. Watered the lawn this morning.
    Have a softball game tonight bet I will add to my tan for sure. But can't miss it, the kids are so cute.
    Went to the thrift this morning, got some nice name brand clothes, and a few do-dads.Hard to bring myself to shop in a reg. store when I can get top of the line clothes for two or three dollars.
    Hope you were able to get outside today like you wanted to, and it was a tad cooler for you.

  3. I thought we would have the same today and then this afternoon turned out so beautiful.

    I must admit I could do with the rabbits here to control the dandelions too.

  4. Those pesky bunnies...: )
    Oh how I wish we could share some of that rain. None here and too much elsewhere.

    I wish you a lovely week!

  5. We're due for more rain tomorrow. We are 10 in. under what we need for the yr.
    The rabbit is so cute. I've seen a few in our yard as well.

  6. What pretty pictures! We have been getting rain for the past several days, I haven't had to water but the weeds are growing like crazy!

  7. I remember those rainy spells when I lived down your way. There was one year-when I had been married for only 3 years and had two babies-our car was swept away in a flash flood. No one was hurt-but our car was a total loss! After the 4th of July-it was a lovely hot summer! Still love it down there though!
    Have a great day and blessings to you! Claudia O.

  8. We had 4/10 of an inch. We were at the hospital all day yesterday and only heard about rain, late in the afternoon, when we were trying to leave, after J's surgery. When we got home, this morning, he checked the guage. We could use some more!

    I love watching bunnies!

    Back Porch Musings

  9. Send us some rain, we have not seen rain since Feb and need it bad! Flowers are very pretty. How are the ticks and chiggers this year with all that rain it might bring them out...

  10. Did the rain stop yet??? :-)