Friday, February 13, 2009


Sorry I've been away from my blog for so long. And, from visiting all of yours. I'm finally caught up with a writing project that was taking up all my time.

Jackie is improving everyday. She's always excited to see us in the mornings and she's also learned that the cats are in charge around here, LOL! She gets along with them well as long as she's not too pushy. She's learned that they have sharp things on the ends of their paws and she's pretty quick in avoiding them.

We picked up the last ingredients we were needing for our square foot beds, so now the building should begin! I'll try to take pictures as we go along and I'll be looking forward to seeing all of your gardening pictures, too.

Have a great Valentine weekend!



  1. Hello RoseMary!
    Glad to hear Jackie is doing well and that she is learning to get along with your cats!
    When Buck first came to live with us,my two elderly cats were still living. He was very interested in them and wanted to play with them so badly. They sensed he was a (big!)puppy, but stayed clear of him. They passed away a year and half ago now and I still think of them and miss them. My grands and SIL love cats but are so allergic to them I have chosen not to get another. And I'm not sure how Buck would be around cats now that he's full grown. All that to say--I'm still very much a cat person--maybe someday.
    Hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  2. Hi, there RoseMary, I hope you have had a very happy Valentine's Day. I am getting my husband a puppie for his birthday in a few weeks. OUr doggie we had had for years died a few months ago. It was very hard but I think he is ready for another one soon. Have a good week, my friend. connie

  3. Hi RM,
    A new puppy, how exciting. He is one lucky dog to have been picked to live in such a nice home.
    I see you won a give away, isn't that fun, and you got some nice things.
    Waiting for Spring like the rest of the country. Its seems like a long winter.

  4. Hi! I'm visiting your blog for the first time and I LOVE your shepherd mix puppy!I love shepherds and have a very special one myself. They are SO smart! Have a great day!

  5. Hi Rosemary, hope you had a nice lunch with hubby! We got lucky and found 7 big shipping crates that we are going to use as raised beds, so it's just a matter of placing them and filling them, I can't wait! Looking forward to seeing your garden bed photos! Have a blessed week!

  6. Claudia, I do hope you have the chance for another cat sometime, too. I've always had at least one and can't imagine not having any!

    Connie, I'm looking forward to hearing more about your hubby's new puppy!

    Nancy Jo--hold on, I know that spring will be here soon!

    Carmen--so nice to meet you!

    Sue, so neat that you found the boxes already made! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your gardening adventure this year!

  7. Hi Rosemary! Thanks for your compliments on my bath re-do. Jackie is so very precious! Don't know if you read about my Kiah on my blog, but alot of times its the shy ones you can have the greatest bond with. Please post more pics of her???

  8. Hi Rosemary,

    Cats, do have a way of ruling the roost don't they. What a sweet Pup, hard to believe, she spent half her life in the shelter. She is in great hands now, bless her little heart.